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ThermaLever Probes

Anasys Instruments

Anasys ThermaLever Probes

AFM Probes for Nanoscale Thermal Analysis

ThermaLever probes are micro-machined thermal probes made of doped silicon. With an integrated heater at the end of the cantilever, they can heat rapidly to temperatures of around 400˚ C. Unlike similar probes, they do not require manual fabrication, and their temperature is not limited by thin metal film resistors.

Improved Probe Tip

Another significant advantage of ThermaLever probes is the end radius of the tip. With previous styles of thermal probes, the tip radius was significantly larger than standard AFM probes. However, with ThermaLever probes this is not the case, so the lateral imaging resolution is very similar to conventional AFM probes.


Two models of ThermaLever probes are available: AN2-200 and AN2-300. Both have a tip height of 3 – 6 microns and a cantilever thickness of around 2 microns.

  • AN2-300 – Lower spring constants, designed for contact mode operation
  • AN2-200 – High resonant frequencies – suitable for intermittent contact mode

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Anasys Thermalever Probes

SEM images of the AN probe, showing the entire cantilever (left) and a close-up of the tip (right)

Anasys Thermalever Probe Models


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