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Bruker Contour CMM

Bruker Nano Surface Analysis

Bruker Contour CMM

Optical Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)

Bruker’s Contour CMM is the world’s first non-contact metrology system that simultaneously measures nanoscale height, surface texture, waviness and form, as well as 3D coordinates for geometric dimensioning and tolerance (GD&T), with just one instrument.

Based on decades of optical metrology innovation, the Contour CMM performs fast, non-contact precision metrology measurements that meet universal industry standards. The software offers features designed for small part characterisation, including automation for part programs, a wide range of preset analyses and custom inspection reports.

Performs accurate, high resolution measurements of geometries to create a true part-coordinate system. See the complete measurement picture  for informed decisions on the design and manufacture of high-value, precision-machined components.

Unmatched Metrology Functionality

  • Measure surface roughness and geometric dimensions, along with tolerancing analysis
  • High density 3D nanoscale surface measurements
  • Automated part defect analysis and deviation from CAD reports
  • Measurement with certified fixtures, for compliance with ISO 10360-3/-8 and ISO 25178-2 standards

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Bruker Contour CMM - Optical Coordinate Measurement Machine

10mm diameter sphere, with 3D surface texture in brown. The surface roughness map was applied, and the sphere is shown in pseudocolor, illustrating the local surface roughness.


R&D and manufacturing of small structures in a range of industries including:

  • Medical
  • Optics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace


  • Wide range of metrology functionality from a single instrument
  • High resolution 3D nanoscale surface analysis
  • Faster and more accurate than alternative techniques

Unique, Non-Contact Technology

The Contour CMM uses the high-density, nanoscale resolution of white light interferometry (WLI), based on Bruker’s industry-leading optical profiling technology. By combining techniques, the Contour CMM goes beyond the limits of surface and coordinate characterisation, delivering a wealth of data from just a single instrument:

  • Surface roughness
  • Surface texture
  • Waviness
  • True 3D coordinates

The extremely high vertical (2-nanometer) and lateral (0.9-micron) resolution can be combined with high accuracy stages, to build surface data into a true part coordinate system.

Rapid, Accurate Measurements

Small precision parts often have hard-to-find micro geometries. There are often issues such as probe fall-off in micro-geometry metrology, caused by the small touch-probes of traditional CMMs. The fragile probes and slow point-by-point measurement speed, means that the measurement time on small geometries can be long. The Bruker Contour CMM overcomes these limitations, collecting millions of high-density data points in a matter of seconds. This reveals everything from surface roughness, all the way through the metrology continuum to geometric shape and size.

Complete Data

The part programming capability and custom inspection reporting enables higher speed quality control, with measurement of multiple drawing callouts. Traditionally, surface roughness and GT&T callouts on single parts require several metrology techniques.

For advanced R&D, such as measuring material wear on medical implants and bearing races, the Contour CMM system can measure the smallest of wear scars with submicron accuracy, as well as positioning where the scars are located.

Example Applications

Precision Machined Parts

Orthopedic Implants and Medical Parts

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