Digital Micrograph Scripting Workshop at SCANDEM 2018

Come to our pre-conference workshop at SCANDEM 2018 on Monday 25th June from 2 – 5pm at the DTU in Denmark for an introduction to Digital Micrograph Scripting and how to get the best out of the scripting capabilities in Gatan’s Microscopy Suite software.

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Digital Micrograph Scripting Workshop

Register now for our Digital Micrograph Scripting Workshop, for an introduction to scripting in Gatan Microscopy Suite software. Brush up your skills and learn more about how to get the best out of scripting capabilities!

Learning to use scripting features will give you full control for uncompromised use of the software, for advanced users. With scripting you can develop programmes for everything from simple image manipulation, through to sophisticated data acquisition systems for controlling your microscope hardware. You can customise your interface and add niche capabilities that might not be available in a commercial program. Scripts can then be incorporated into menus and used easily by operators as routine procedures.

The tutorial will be led by Bernhard Schaffer of Gatan GmbH and Mike Ward of Gatan UK.

The workshop will run from 2 – 5pm on Monday 25th June 2018 at DTU (the same venue as SCANDEM 2018), with a refreshment break halfway through.

Bring Your Laptop

You’ll need to bring your laptop with you, with GMS3 (Gatan Microscopy Suite) pre-installed.

Due to time constraints we will not be able to install software for you at the workshop, so please make sure it’s ready beforehand. Instructions will be sent out to you once you have registered.


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Gatan Microscopy Suite Software

Gatan Microscopy Suite Software


Gatan instruments

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