Visit us at EUROMAT 2019, the European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes on 1-5 September 2019 at the Stockholm City Conference Centre in Sweden.

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EUROMAT 2019 is an international congress in materials science and technology. This year the event is hosted by the Swedish Society for Materials Technology. The aim of the event is to encourage academia and industry to meet and share ideas, as well as strengthening connections and promoting the involvement of research institutes and major facilities in materials science.


Conference Topics

The programme covers a range of materials science topics:

  • Functional materials
  • Structural materials
  • Processing
  • Characterisation and modelling
  • Energy, transport and environment
  • Materials for healthcare
  • Education, strategy and technology transfer
  • Raw materials
  • Bio-based materials


The conference runs across 5 days, from Sunday 1st September 2019 until 6pm on Thursday 5th September .

Full details about the plenary speakers, timetable and abstracts for the symposia are available on the EUROMAT website.


Register for EUROMAT 2019 on the conference website:


The conference will be held at Stockholm City Conference Centre in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden:

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Gatan OneView TEM Camera

Gatan Systems for Electron Microscopes

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  • Imaging systems
  • Sample preparation systems

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Protochips Fusion Select

Protochips In-Situ Systems for TEM/SEM

Observe materials in-situ under modified conditions:

  • Heating
  • Electrical characterisation
  • Liquids
  • Gas at high pressure/temperature

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Raman image of a pharmaceutical tablet

Renishaw Raman

A powerful technique for studying materials.

  • Information about composition, uniformity, stress, strain and disorder. 
  • Combine with AFM and/or nanoindentation – more info…

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Bruker Nano Surface Analysis

  • AFM
  • 3D optical surface profilers
  • Stylus profilers
  • Tribology testing
  • Nanomechanical testing

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