In-Situ TEM & Electrical Characterisation Workshop 28/06/19

Join us for a workshop about in-situ TEM and electrical characterisation on Friday 28th June 2019 at Imperial College London. Discover a new method for preparing lamella on a MEMS chip for in-situ electrical characterisation in your TEM.

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Heated nanoparticle
PtCo nanoparticle at 700ºC. Courtesy Oak Ridge National Lab.

In-Situ Electrical Characterisation

When preparing samples for in-situ electrical characterisation, the preparation of lamella on a MEMS chip is usually a cumbersome procedure. However, new E-chips and processes have revolutionised sample preparation so it’s now a feasible workflow for your lab.

Come to the workshop to see live demonstrations and find out all about:

  • In-situ TEM and electrical characterisation
  • Sample preparation
  • How to prepare lamella on a MEMS chip using new procedures

The workshop will include live demonstrations using the Protochips Fusion in-situ heating and electrical biasing system.


The workshop is free to attend, but numbers are limited to keep group sizes small for the live demonstrations. Advance registration is required to secure your place. Register online with our quick form:


The workshop will be held at Imperial College London:

Protochips Fusion for electron microscopes

Protochips Fusion

An in-situ system for characterising samples at high temperatures, with simultaneous electrical biasing.

  • Compatible with microscopes from all major manufacturers
  • Real time, nanoscale studies
  • Low currents with attoamp sensitivity

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If you have any questions about the workshop or Protochips’ in-situ systems, please get in touch:

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