In-Situ Gas TEM Featured in ChemCatChem

In-situ gas TEM made front page news on the cover of scientific journal ChemCatChem. The featured paper presents research involving the Protochips Atmosphere 210 in-situ environmental TEM, in the field of catalysis.

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Article on ChemCatChem

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In-Situ Gas TEM Front Page News

The featured paper covers catalysis research involving the Protochips Atmosphere 210 at IPCMS Strasbourg. They made use of Residual Gas Analyser integration – a new feature of the recent updated model.

The paper is entitled “Insight by In Situ Gas Electron Microscopy on the Thermal Behaviour and Surface Reactivity of Cobalt Nanoparticles” by Dr. Kassiogé Dembélé, Dr. Mounib Bahri, Dr. Georgian Melinte, Charles Hirlimann, Adrien Berliet, Dr. Sylvie Maury, Dr. Anne‐Sophie Gay and Prof. Ovidiu Ersen. It’s available to read online on ChemCat Chem (membership/purchase required).

ChemCat Chem is a scientific journal about catalysis, for academics, those working in the chemical industry and researchers around the world. It covers heterogeneous, homogeneous, bio- and nanocatalysis.

Article on ChemCatChem

Thermal Behaviour and Surface Reactivity of Cobalt Nanoparticles

The paper presents a study of the thermal behaviour and surface reactivity of cobalt catalysts, supported by alumina‐silica and promoted by platinum, in a syngas environment.

At a standard running temperature, the catalyst was stable during the experiment, with limited atomic diffusion and sintering. When the temperature was raised to 350-450°C, particle encapsulation was observed. Raising the temperature further, above 500°C, caused the growth of carbon nanotubes, along with morphological and microstructural changes.

Behaviour under different gases was compared, to study how each mixture affects the growth of carbon nanotubes and their structure.

The paper shows how in-situ TEM can be used to study the reactivity of nanocatalysts at the nanoscale, at high temperatures in a reactive gas atmosphere.

You can read the full paper on Wiley Online Library.

ChemCatChem Cover

Cover feature on ChemCatChem – available online here

Protochips Atmosphere 210

The Protochips Atmosphere is a closed-cell environmental gas in-situ system for transmission electron microscopes. It’s recently been updated to the new 210 model, with new capabilities and improvements:

  • Mix any combination of gases in just 5 minutes
  • Pure, mixed, complex gases and vapours
  • Software-controlled flow rate, composition and pressure
  • Connect a Residual Gas Analyser

More about the Protochips Atmosphere

Residual Gas Analyser Integration

The research at IPCMS Strasbourg involved using a residual gas analyser (RGA), which can be connected to the system to provide complementary chemical monitoring information.

The RGA connects directly to the gas outlet, to measure the gas composition in real time. This gives you data about reaction by-products, which you can then correlate with changes in reaction conditions – particularly useful in catalysis research.

Residual Gas Analyser

How to connect a Residual Gas Analyser to an in-situ system

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Article on ChemCatChem

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