Meet the MiBots: Micromanipulators for Light & Electron Microscopes

The Imina miBot™ manipulator is a mobile micro-robot, or micromanipulator, for in situ interaction with your sample inside your TEM, SEM or optical microscope. Various platforms are available from Imina for different uses; miBots are key to each of them, forming the basis of this extremely useful technology.

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Imina product range


Nano Resolution Manipulator

The miBot is the smallest nanometer resolution manipulator available. It uses piezo actuators for mobile motion technology, which is highly precise and easy to operate. Various micro-tools can be mounted on the tool holder. This is ideal for R&D applications in materials science, micro-electronics and photonics, for in situ physical interaction with your sample.

Easy Nanomanipulation

The miBot moves directly over the surface that your sample is on. Simply pre-position by hand; there are no mounting screws, so it’s quick to set up and reconfigure.

Control is highly intuitive, with no coupled movements. Even complex manipulations can be performed quickly, without damaging your sample.

Training takes just a few minutes, then you’ll be up and running straight away to carry on with your research.

Robust Design

  • Extremely compact – just 5 cm3.
  • Simple, robust design.
  • Better mechanical and thermal stability than larger manipulators with multiple axes.
  • Short arm length – less sensitivity to vibration.

Nanometre Precision + Speed

Positioning is extremely precise, with piezoelectric actuators for high resolution. The positioning resolution is scalable, from µm to nm. In scanning mode, the miBot can make steps as small as 0.5 nm! In stepping mode, the operating speed is 2.5 mm/s. This means you can move a probe or a sensor quickly around samples of several centimetres, such as wafers, with precise positioning at the end point.

Imina miBot

Micro-Tools, Probes & Sensors

Each miBot features a micro-tool holder, so you can attach accessories for your area of work. The tool holder mechanism makes it quick and easy to switch tools as you need to. A single miBot can position electric probes, move optical fibres, manipulate nanoparticles and biological samples.

  • Probe tips
  • Optical fibres
  • Micro grippers
  • Micro pipettes
  • Other tool holders available on request – contact us for details

+Mnt Version: Rigid Attachments

On the +Mnt version, you can rigidly attach accessories to the top face. This enables you to position items under your microscope with nanometre precision and adjust them easily with your PC. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities – attach samples, electronic boards, optical components and more.

The +Mnt version also gives you all the functionality of the regular miBot, for positioning of probes, optical fibers and micropipettes.

miBot BT-14 +Mnt flyer

Imina miBot for MEMS & Sensors

MEMS & Sensors
Mount the signal
processing chip for short connections and reduced noise.

miBot Optics & Photonics

Optics & Photonics
Align optical components by accurately adjusting their position and angle.

Sample Positioning withthe Imina miBot

Sample Positioning
Move your sample under the microscope for quick screening.

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Imina product range