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K2 IS Camera


K2 IS Camera

In-situ camera for TEM

Resolve dynamic details in heating, catalysis, mechanical deformation, STEM diffraction, electrical testing and chemical reaction experiments with the Gatan K2 IS camera for in-situ TEM.

  • In-situ: Full- or sub-area sampling up to 1600 fps
  • Direct data storage: Collect and store up to 15 minutes of continuous images
  • Streamlined data management: Manage large data sets easily
  • Counting and super-resolution: All the capabilities of the Gatan K2 Summit camera, including counting and super-resolution modes for beam sensitive materials
  • Store individual frames as Digital-Micrograph (*.dm) images and link all scripts, live FFT, etc. to large data sets
  • In-situ player: Crop (time, space), bin, drift correct, average (w ith frame alignment) and track individual particle motion across large image data sets
  • Multimedia output: Choice of video formats with time stamps


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Gatan K2 IS Camera



  • High speed in-situ TEM including:
    • Catalysis
    • Mechanical deformation, including grain boundary motion
    • Heating reaction
    • STEM diffraction
  • Low-dose electron microscopy
  • Cryo-tomography
  • Beam damage studies


  • Resolve undiscovered details in in-situ studies
  • Unmatched sensitivity and DQE
  • Up to 1600 fps
  • Store up to 15 minutes of images
  • Use individual frames

In-situ Mode

  • Up to 1600 frames per second
  • Full or sub-area sampling
  • Capture high speed reactions with sub-millisecond temporal resolution
  • Save individual frames or average with frame alignment applied between summed frames to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • >15 minutes capture time at all frame rates
  • Long direct detector lifetime even with highest dose rates
  • Capture the start of a in-situ reactions with the video buffer and post-event triggering

Counting Mode

As a super-set of the K2 Summit camera, the K2 IS gives you all the same counting benefits (single electron detection, elimination of noise sources, higher DQE, dose fractionation, etc.) as a separate operational mode with K2 IS camera.

This is ideal for beam-sensitive materials in both materials science (zeolite, metal-organic framework aka MOF) and biological applications (cryo-tomography, SPA, structural characterisation).

Super-Resolution Mode

Image large specimens in super-resolution mode to extend the effective resolution to 57 megapixels.


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