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K3 Camera


K3 Camera

Top of the range direct detection camera

The Gatan K3 sets a new benchmark for imaging performance for direct detection cameras. It’s optimised for demanding low-dose applications in both life science and materials science. The K3 camera is the top of Gatan’s range of real-time, single electron counting direct detection cameras.

  • Powerful inline signal processing raises the DQE beyond the K2 camera
  • No need to save terabytes of raw frames, with optional inline, GPU-based motion correction
  • Large 24 megapixels (5,760 x 4,092) field of view; 1.6 times the size of the K2 camera
  • 3.75 times the speed of the K2 camera, with 1,500 full frames per second

If you already have a K2 camera with a K3 upgrade, you are eligible to get the GPU option for free.

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Gatan K3 Camera


  • Low-dose applications
  • Cryo-electron microscopy
  • Life science
  • Structural biology – more info…
  • Materials science


  • Best performing camera in the range
  • Large field of view
  • Fast: 1,500 frames per second
  • Low dose for beam-sensitive materials
  • Electron counting for higher image quality
Cryo-EM Proteasome

2.7 Å structure of the 20S Proteasome, taken with the K3 camera and Elsa cryo-holder. Data courtesy of Alexander Myasnikov, Michael Braunfeld, Yifan Cheng & David Agard.

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