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K3 IS Camera


NEW K3 IS Camera

World’s first counting, high-speed, large format camera for in-situ microscopy

The Gatan K3 IS in-situ TEM camera extends the K3’s “resolution revolution” to the field of materials science. With the highest in-situ signal-to-noise possible, you can now count single electrons with unprecedented temporal resolution.

K3 IS gives you low-dose imaging capabilities, and gives you access to undiscovered details during in-situ environmental reactions and beam-sensitive material research.

  • High Quality Images
    • Superior DQE for challenging low-dose and in-situapplications
    • Counted, low-dose images without beam artefacts
  • Unmatched Resolution and Field of View
    • 3.7x improved frame rate compared to the K2: Count 1500 full fps across 14 megapixels (4,096 x 3,456)
    • 75 fps at full sensor resolution and 1200 fps with sub area (no binning required)
  • Fast Results
    • Preview results in your microscope
    • Trusted GMS in-situ analysis toolbox, including free offline features

 Details & example images…

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Gatan Continuum


  • Materials science
  • In-situ studies


  • Unmatched temporal resolution
  • Highest signal-to-noise in-situ data
  • Large field of view


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