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PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe

Physical Electronics Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Scanning Auger Nanoprobe (Auger Electron Spectroscopy)

The PHI 710 is a scanning Auger nanoprobe for high performance Auger (AES Auger Electron Spectroscopy) spectral analysis, Auger imaging and sputter depth profiling of complex materials, including nanomaterials, catalysts, metals, and electronic devices.

The PHI 710′s field emission electron source provides less than 3 nm dark space resolution for secondary electron imaging. The coaxial geometry of the 710’s electron column and Cylindrical Mirror Analyser (CMA) delivers high Auger electron spectroscopy sensitivity over a wide range of collection angles. This ensures rapid and complete analysis not only of routine flat samples, but also samples with complex shapes or high surface roughness. High energy resolution spectroscopy is also available.

Sputter Depth Profiling

A high performance sputter ion gun, motorised five axis sample stage and high sensitivity analyser enable unique high performance thin film analysis (sputter depth profiling). Extract a wealth of information from the sputter depth profile data set:

  • Multi-point thin film analysis
  • Low voltage (100-500 V) sputtering
  • Compucentric Zalar Rotation™
  • Advanced data reduction tools in PHI MultiPak

New Features

New features introduced with the PHI 710 include improved imaging functionality, remote diagnostics and chemical state mapping with spectra at each pixel.

For 40 years, Physical Electronics Auger electron spectroscopy instruments have been the choice of surface analysts around the world. The PHI 710 is a superior Auger electron spectroscopy platform, with proven reliability and performance.

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PHI 710 Scanning Auger Nanoprobe (Auger Electron Spectroscopy)


Auger electron spectroscopy images

Superior Auger imaging


  • Nanomaterials
  • Catalysts
  • Metals
  • Electronic devices


  • Scan complex shapes and rough samples
  • High performance thin film analysis (sputter depth profiling)
  • Chemical state mapping with spectra at each pixel


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