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PHI Quantera II XPS Scanning Microprobe

Physical Electronics Scanning XPS Nanoprobe

XPS Scanning Microprobe

The Quantera II is the latest system in PHI’s highly successful XPS scanning microprobe product range. The Quantera II delivers high sensitivity spectroscopy of large and micro areas, superior organic and inorganic depth profiling, secondary electron and XPS imaging and fully automated analysis of insulating or conductive samples.

Key features:

  • Patented scanning X-ray source with a < 7.5 µm minimum beam size
  • Hands-off dual beam charge neutralisation
  • Robust “Auto-Z” sample alignment
  • Optional C 60 sputter ion gun
  • Full automation and robotic sample handling
  • Internet connectivity for remote operation

Micro area spectroscopy and high performance thin film analysis open up new areas of application for XPS surface analysis. The completely automated system is easy to use, with high reproducibility for routine measurements. Large sample platens enable practical analysis of large samples or multiple small samples.

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PHI Quantera II Scanning XPS Microprobe

XPS scanning microprobe technology

XPS scanning microprobe technology


  • Large and micro area spectroscopy
  • Organic and inorganic depth profiling
  • Secondary electron and XPS imaging
  • Insulating or conductive samples
  • Battery analysis – more info


  • Fully automated
  • High sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Practical large sample platens
  • Remote operation

About XPS

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS/ESCA) is the most widely used technique for surface analysis, with many established industrial and research applications. XPS scanning microprobe analysis provides information about quantitative elemental and chemical states in surfaces and thin film structures. XPS is used in applications including polymers, metals, thin films, nanomaterials, semiconductors, magnetic storage media, display technology, biomedical devices and catalysts.

Quantera II’s Capabilities

  • X-ray microprobe with ≤ 7.5 μm spatial resolution
  • High sensitivity electrostatic detection optics
  • Dual beam charge neutralisation
  • Automated sample handling
  • Samples up to 100mm diameter and 25mm thick
  • Two internal sample parking stations
  • High performance floating column ion gun
  • High speed snapshot depth profiling mode
  • Quantitative chemical state mapping
  • Automated angle dependent profiles
  • PHI MultiPak data reduction software


  • Sample positioning station
  • Hot/cold sample stage
  • Cold sample introduction apparatus
  • Sample transfer chamber to external test stations
  • C60 sputter cleaning and depth profiling apparatus
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