Potentiostat Trade-in Offer – Upgrade your Potentiostat!


Upgrade Your Potentiostat!

Trade in your old potentiostat and trade up to the latest technology

Trade in your old potentiostat for allowance towards a brand new instrument from Ametek (Solartron Analytical or Princeton Applied Research). Upgrade to a reference grade potentiostat, including:

Options are available for trading in your old Solartron and/or Princeton Applied Research (Ametek) instruments, or potentiostat from another supplier, for allowance towards the latest technology.

Contact us on 01223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com to discuss options and potentiostat prices.

PMC 2000 - PARSTAT MC Family Multi Channel Potentiostat

Upgrade to the PARSTAT MC

Modular multichannel potentiostat, with industry-leading standard voltage control and current measurement.

  • Higher performance – new PMC-2000 channel
  • Versatile – up to 8 channels
  • Wide dynamic current range as standard
  • Fast data acquisition for high speed applications

More about the PARSTAT MC…

Solartron Modulab XM PhotoEchemUpgrade to the Modulab XM

The new ModuLab XM range delivers the highest resolution EIS measurements available today.

Benefit from the widest voltage and current range available and a wide range of techniques, including time domain and impedance analysis from a single system.

Start-up Packages Available

Start-up packages are available for new or transferring researchers, as well as capital tight start-up companies, to help you obtain the reference grade laboratory instrumentation required for your research.


 Contact us on 01223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com