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ISO 9001Blue Scientific is an independent supplier of market-leading scientific laboratory instruments to the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. We offer a hand-picked portfolio of cutting-edge systems from Bruker, Ametek (Solartron Analytical and Princeton Applied Research), Physical Electronics, Accurion, Renishaw and DELMIC.

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Bruker Micro XRF

UK and Nordic region

Bruker Micro XRF and TXRF

Elemental Analysis

Micro XRF is the method of choice for highly sensitive, non-destructive elemental analysis of diverse samples, including inhomogeneous and irregularly shaped specimens. TXRF delivers multi-element trace analysis, with ppm and ppb range sensitivity.
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Bruker Micro XRF

Nordic RegionBruker Nano Surface Analysis – Nordic Region

Atomic Force Microscopes, Surface Profilers and Tribology Testing Instruments

Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), stylus profilers, mechanical testers, non-contact 3D optical microscopes and fluorescence optical microscopes from Bruker, covering all applications and metrology techniques. Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland only.
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UKBlue Scientific is also the exclusive UK distributor of the Bruker Nanoforce nanomechanical testing system 

Renishaw logo

Nordic RegionRenishaw – Nordic Region Only

Raman Microscopy

Flexible Raman microscope for all types of materials. Acquire detailed chemical images and data, with an easy-to-use system.
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Integrated Raman-AFM

Combine Raman microscopy with AFM or SPM from Bruker for a wealth of nanoscale information. Reveal hidden information about your sample, taking your material characterisation to a new level.
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Bruker X-Ray Micro-CT

Bruker Micro CT

X-Ray Micro Computed Tomography

Micro CT (X-ray micro computed tomography) systems from Bruker for non-destructive 3D X-ray imaging, microscopy and imaging of internal structures. Full range of scanners, from entry-level benchtop solutions to highly powerful, advanced systems.
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Bruker EPR and TD-NMR laboratory instruments

Bruker EPR and TD-NMR

Benchtop Analysers

Entry level EPR and TD-NMR (time domain NMR) instruments from Bruker, the market-leader in magnetic resonance. Affordable, entry-level scientific instruments for routine analysis and quality control. Dedicated EPR analysers for ROS and RNS identification and beer analysis, and TD-NMR for quality control, including SFC (Solid Fat Content) analysis.
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Solartron Analytical Frequency Response Analysers and Potentiostats

Solartron Analytical (Ametek)

Impedance (EIS), Potentiostats and Electrochemical Testing

The gold standard in electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), Frequency Response Analysers (FRA), potentiostats, galvanostats and test equipment for precision electrical and electrochemical characterisation of materials. Impedance applications include corrosion, coatings, fuel cells, batteries, solar cells, sensors, fundamental electrochemistry, dielectrics, supercapacitors and piezoelectric materials.
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Princeton Applied Research Potentiostats

Princeton Applied Research (Ametek)


The global leader in potentiostats and galvanostats for scientific research, particularly in the field of electrochemistry. The Princeton potentiostat range is ideal for electrochemical applications including corrosion, energy storage, nanotechnology, sensors and research electrochemistry, as well as surface imaging and scanning.
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Physical Electronics

Physical Electronics (PHI)

XPS, AES & TOF-SIMS Surface Analysis

Physical Electronics (PHI) is the world’s leading supplier of XPS surface analysis laboratory equipment. Innovative XPS, AES (Auger electron spectroscopy) and TOF-SIMS technology for materials science, detailed surface chemical characterisation, nano-scale feature analysis and thin film characterisation.
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UK and Nordic regionAccurion

Thin Film Characterisation

Accurion offers high-end, state-of-the-art technology in two product areas: Imaging Ellipsometry and Active Vibration Isolation. The thin film characterisation group includes imaging ellipsometers, Brewster angle microscopes and UV / VIS reflectometers, for applications including materials science, proteins, solar cells and more.
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Active Vibration Isolation (Halcyonics)

In the field of nanotechnology, vibration isolation is essential for creating and analysing at the nanoscale. Active vibration isolation is an incredibly effective solution for isolating high resolution measurement instruments, including AFM microscopes, from disturbing vibrations. The Halcyonics range from Accurion includes tables, desktop units and modular isolation systems in a range of sizes.
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Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy and Cathodoluminescence

Enhance the functionality of your SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) with Integrated Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM) or CL imaging (Cathodoluminescence). Compatible with microscopes from all major manufacturers.
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