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Protochips E-Chips


Protochips E-Chips

In-Situ TEM Sample Supports

E-chips are essential consumables for in-situ SEM/TEM systems, which support the sample and control the environment around it.

E-chips are manufactured by Protochips using state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication technology. Types are available for each Protochips instrument:

  • Fusion
  • Poseidon Select
  • Atmosphere

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  • In-situ TEM


  • State-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication technology.
  • Specifically for Protochips instruments

Protochips Fusion for electron microscopes


Heating :

  • Rapidly heat samples to 1200°C.
  • High accuracy and low drift.
  • Proprietary silicon carbide membrane.


  • Variety of metal electrode patterns.
  • Thin silicon nitride-based, ultra-low leakage membrane.

Aduro E-chips are still available.

Protochips Poseidon Select

Poseidon Select

  • Keep samples hydrated.
  • Create a thin liquid layer for high-resolution imaging.
  • Various spacer thicknesses and window sizes.


  • Variety of electrode materials and geometries for quantitative in situ experiments.


  • Heat liquid samples to 100 °C.
  • High accuracy and low drift.

EDS Elemental Analysis

EDS-optimised chips are now also available to give you the highest count rates and best results. More info…

Protochips Atmosphere


  • Gas environments up to 1 atm.
  • Thermal E-chip features a proprietary silicon carbide membrane for temperature accuracy and uniformity.
  • High resolution imaging with low thermal drift.
  • Unlike metal-based heaters, SiC is chemically and thermally robust and does not affect reactions.
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