New Protochips Fusion Select for In-Situ Heating & Electrical Characterisation in your TEM/SEM

The Protochips Fusion Select is a new, upgraded in-situ heating and electrical characterisation system for electron microscopes. The new version features a double-tilt fixed probe design, more electrical contacts and new electrothermal e-chips.

Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Protochips in the UK and Nordic region (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland). For more information or quotes, please get in touch.

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In-Situ Heating and Electrical Characterisation in your Electron Microscope

The Protochips Fusion controls thermal and electrical processes inside your electron microscope, so you can observe how your sample responds to heating and cooling. Like the other models in the Protochips range, it’s compatible with microscopes from all major manufacturers (contact us for details).

The Fusion Select is an upgraded model that provides a range of new features and improvements:

  • Completely configurable: choose the functionality you need
  • Patented double tilt design
  • New electrothermal e-chips
  • More electrical contacts for greater flexibility
  • Redesigned software for viewing data more easily
  • Easy to upgrade in future as you need to
Protochips Fusion Select
Protochips Fusion Select

Upgrade Easily

Start with the system configuration that suits your needs today, and then add new features and capabilities in future as your research needs grow.

This flexibility prevents you from paying for more features than you need, or being limited by a system that no longer meets your requirements.

Upgrades include adding electrical characterisation capabilities and even double-tilt features. The process is fast and straightforward, without needing to replace your holder.

Flexible Electrical Characterisation

Perform thermal and electrical characterization of samples including:

  • Nanowires
  • FIB lamellae
  • 2D materials
  • …and more

The Fusion Select is equipped with more electrical contacts and a new electrothermal E-chip. This gives you greater flexibility in your electrothermal experiments (including 4 point probing) while maintaining accurate heating.

New FIB-optimised electrical E-chips are available that make FIB sample preparation quicker and easier than ever before.

FIB Sample Preparation

Sample Tilting

A new, patented double tilt design enables beta tilts up to ±20°, so you can find zone axes smoothly and precisely at any temperature.

The contact probes ride directly on the beta tilt table. This eliminates stress and contact movement, which can affect heating stability and the accuracy of electrical measurements.

With this fixed probe design, you can find the zone axes of your sample quickly even at high temperatures and under electrical bias, without the risk of variations in temperature or electrical current.

The tip design is low profile, providing an excellent line-of-sight for multi-detector EDS arrays, even at zero degree tilt.

In-situ TEM sample tilt
Improved sample tilting

Simultaneous Heating and Electrical Characterisation

Heating and 4-point probe electrical experiments can be performed simultaneously, without compromising temperature accuracy.

The heater is metal-free, for precise temperatures and uniform sample heating. Thermal drift is ultra low for the best quality, high resolution imaging.

Viewing your Data

The data viewing interface has been completely redesigned to give you the best user experience when visualising and manipulating your data. The software’s features and settings have been updated for a more streamlined workflow. It’s now more intuitive and easier to zoom, pan and plot, to fully examine and understand your data.

You can also synchronise with Gatan DigitalMicrograph, using Protochips’ Clarity Echo software.

Protochips DataView Software
DataView interface in Protochips’ Clarity software

More Information

Blue Scientific is the official distributor of Protochips in-situ systems in the UK and Scandinavia. We’re available to answer all your questions – just get in touch:

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