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In Situ SEM / TEM

Protochips In Situ TEM / SEM

Protochips make in situ systems for SEM and TEM microscopes. Transform your TEM or SEM into an in situ laboratory, and test your samples in modified, real-world environments. Blue Scientific is the exclusive UK distributor for Protochips.

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Protochips Fusion for electron microscopes


Heating & Electrical

Characterise your samples at high temperatures, with simultaneous electrical biasing.

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Protochips Poseidon Select

Poseidon Select

Liquid Heating & Electrochemistry

Flexible liquid microscopy cell, even suitable for EDS.

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Protochips Atmosphere


Gas Environment Cell

High pressures and temperatures, with atomic resolution.

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Holey Carbon Film

Clean, consistent and ultra-flat for high quality results.

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TEM Sample Supports

Supports your sample and controls the surrounding environment.

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About Protochips

ProtochipsProtochips’ robust, easy-to-use in situ microscopy solutions enable accurate quantitative measurement of samples under real-world conditions. Gain new perspectives on a whole range of research applications, including catalysis, batteries, semiconductors and structural biology.

In the past, instruments for observing nanoscale materials were separate from the tools used to perform experiments on them. Protochips instruments combine brings observation and experimentation. Transform your electron microscope from a cameras into a complete nanoscale system that delivers quantifiable results.

Blue Scientific is the exclusive agent for Protochips in the UK. Contact us for demonstrations and quotes, or if you have any questions.

Why Choose Protochips?

  • Proprietary technology
  • Gain new insights into your samples
  • Compatible with a wide range of TEM and SEM microscopes
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