NEW Residual Gas Analyser for Protochips Atmosphere

A new integrated residual gas analyser (RGA) is available for the Protochips Atmosphere in-situ system for TEM. This gives you more possibilities for nanoscale experiments in gases, vapours and mixtures – ideal for recreating real-world environments and catalysis studies.

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Protochips Atmosphere

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Protochips Residual Gas Analyser & In-Situ TEM
The full system with gas handling manifold, integrated RGA, vapour introduction kit and EDS-optimized in-situ TEM.

Residual Gas Analyser (RGA)

Protochips’ new integrated residual gas analyser (RGA) brings you closer than ever before to in operando experiments at the nanoscale. It works seamlessly with the Protochips Atmosphere in-situ gas system for TEM.

The gas analyser connects directly to the gas outlet, so you can analyse in-situ chemical processes and measure reaction by-products throughout the experiment – particularly useful in catalysis research.

With the Protochips Atmosphere you can accurately blend and flow custom gas mixtures to create complex catalyst operating environments. This means you can mimic real-world conditions for observing your experiments. You can use:

  • Single component gases
  • Complex mixtures
  • Custom industrial exhaust
  • Apply heat up to 1000ºC
  • …and more
Protochips Gas Analyser
Placing the detector close to the reaction gives you rapid responses and perfectly correlated data.

Integrated Gas Analysis

An integrated RGA delivers the highest image stability and fast gas detection during your experiments.

The detector is close to the reaction for fast response times and accurate correlation of data from the TEM and RGA. By integrating the vacuum system with Atmosphere, there’s no need for traditional pumps that can cause vibrations and obscure your data.

Cleanliness checks ensure safe exposure of the gas manifold to the RGA. These checks are software controlled and are performed before and in between experiments for optimum performance.


As well as gases you can also introduce vapours to your experiment. These can be water or solvent-based, and there are features to prevent condensation. Each mixture is controlled via the software for the highest precision and reproducibility, which would be difficult to achieve by other techniques. This opens up a wide range of possibilities:

  • Pure vapors and carrier gas mixtures
  • Humidity
  • Alcohols
  • Light alkanes
  • …and more
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Copper Particles - In-Situ TEM
Redox reduction of copper nanoparticles, observed over time at two magnifications. 50% Ar / 5% H2O / 45% H2 at 400°C.

Protochips Atmosphere

The new RGA integrates seamlessly with the Protochips Atmosphere in-situ environmental system, which transforms your microscope into a full-featured environmental TEM.

Protochips Atmosphere Environmental Gas In-Situ System
  • Atomic resolution in gas at temperatures up to 1000 °C
  • Pressures from 1 Torr up to 1 atmosphere (760 Torr)
  • Change temperatures and pressures for dynamic experiments
  • EDS elemental analysis in gas
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