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Solartron Analytical

Accessories for Solartron Analytical potentiostats and electrochemical testing systems.

Official Ametek distributor in the UK, Ireland and Nordic region.

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Solartron Sample Holder

Room Temperature
Sample Holders

For solids, liquids and powders

  • 12962A Sample Holder
  • 12963A Electrode Kit
  • 12964A Liquid Sample Holder

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High Temperature Test System

Furnace for impedance testing

  • High temperatures up to 1200ºC
  • Controlled atmosphere
  • Dual gas supply
  • Test solid oxides, solid electrolytes and super ionic conductors

Cryostat System

LHe/LN2 cryostat system for cryogenic materials testing

  • 5 K to 600 K (compatible with liquid helium and liquid nitrogen)
  • Sample protected from cryogens
  • Test solids, powders and liquids
  • Low cryogen usage to reduce running costs
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