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Solartron Analytical

Accessories for Solartron Analytical potentiostats and electrochemical testing systems. Official Ametek distributor in the UK, Ireland and Nordic region.

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Model 12962A Sample Holder

Sample holder designed for accurate impedance testing of solid materials at room temperature. The holder consists of two parallel electrodes, one fixed and one that moves into contact with the sample, by micrometer adjustment. A guard ring and reference techniques  improve accuracy, by reducing “fringing” effects at the edge of the sample. Supplied with a standard 20mm diameter electrode.

Model 12963A Electrode Kit

Auxiliary electrode kit for the 12962A sample holder, allowing measurement of different sized materials. Includes 10mm, 30mm and 40 mm electrodes.

Model 12964A Liquid Sample Holder

Liquid sample holder with a guard ring and container shape, for measurement of small samples of liquid or powders. The holder can be disassembled easily for cleaning.

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