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Solartron Modulab XM ECS

Solartron Analytical / Ametek

Solartron Modulab XM ECS

Electrochemical Test System for Market-Leading Impedance Analysis

The Solartron ModuLab XM ECS is an Xtreme Measurement electrochemical test system. Measure ultra-low, micro-ohm impedance cells (such as latest generation batteries and fuel cells), as well as accurately characterising ultra-high impedance corrosion coatings at the other extreme. The unique AC calibration method ensures extremely high accuracy in all cases, and each modular system is independently calibrated.

  • Smooth analogue waveforms in all option configurations
  • High-speed pulse and measurement for GSM/CDMA cell phone, pulse charge/discharge and pulse voltammetry profiles
  • Wide range of techniques including CV, CC-CV charge / discharge, Square-Wave Voltammetry, Differential Pulse Voltammetry, Linear Sweep Voltammetry and equivalent Potentiometry techniques
  • Smoothest AC waveforms delivering highest accuracy AC measurement performance (40x oversampled FRA) – including impedance, admittance, permittivity / capacitance, electrical modulus, Mott-Schottky and more

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Modulab XM ECS

Solartron Modulab Impedance Analysis screen shot


  • Energy storage – Batteries, fuel cells, solid state batteries, supercapacitors, solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) – Download datasheet – Video tutorial
  • Corrosion and coatings – Linear polarisation resistance, electrochemical noise, Tafel , potentiodynamic galvanodynamic, zero resistance ammeter – Download datasheet
  • Physical electrochemistry – Sensors, nanotechnology, fundamental research – Download datasheet


  • Market-leading impedance analysis
  • Widest voltage and current range available
  • Anode/Cathode and stack testing

Ultra low impedance

Ultra Low Impedance

The Solartron ModuLab XM ECS is able to make very accurate, extreme low impedance measurements in the micro-ohm region using a wide range of internal and external power boosters. These examples show the quality of 10 µOhm data delivered by the system.

Anode/Cathode stack testing - Modulab XM ECS

Anode/Cathode/Stack Testing

ModuLab XM ECS benefits from a range of high-quality performance modules including power boosters, high voltage modules and differential voltage auxiliary inputs, to provide the most advanced characterisation for the latest generation of ultra-low impedance energy devices. XM is able to measure the time domain and impedance properties of cell anodes/cathodes, as well as individual cells in a stack (even for high voltage stacks at up to 100 V). These high accuracy measurements enable detection of bad cells well in advance of actual cell failure, which saves time and increases test throughput and profitability.

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