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Solartron Modulab XM MTS

Solartron Analytical / Ametek

Solartron Modulab XM MTS

New Materials Test System – Market-Leading Impedance Analysis

The Solartron ModuLab XM MTS  is designed with modularity and flexibility in mind, for a wide range of materials research and testing applications. Measure the extremes of ultra-high impedance/low capacitance dielectric and insulator materials, as well as high conductivity materials in the sub-milliohm range. The ModuLab XM MTS is capable of time domain and AC measurement, high and low impedance, high and low voltage and current as well as temperature control – all in one convenient system.

The ModuLab XM MTS system can auto-sequence all of the above time domain and AC techniques without switching cables, removing the need to configure complicated systems using discrete measurement units. The software controls a range of temperature accessories in convenient, easy to configure experiment sequences.

  • High performance impedance analysis across the entire frequency range and all three modes of operation
  • Multi-component system calibration for unrivalled measurement accuracy
  • Market-leading frequency range and resolution (1 in 65,000,000) for testing resonant materials
  • Compatible with highly efficient cryostats, high temperature furnaces and sample holders
  • Plug and play option modules and additional channels to minimise down-time

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Solartron Modulab XM ETS


  • Dielectric materials – Ferro/piezoelectrics, MEMs, NEMs, multiferroics, polymers, solid oxides SOFC, ionic conductors, solid electrolytes, quantum dots – Download datasheet
  • Electronic materials – LED, LCD, OLED, MEMs, OPV, Si, DCCS, OFET, Ge, GaAs, perovskite materials – Download datasheet


  • Market-leading impedance analysis
  • Widest voltage and current range available
  • Time domain and impedance analysis from a single system

Material testing with Modulab XM MTSApplication Notes

Time Domain / AC Auto-sequencing

The Solartron ModuLab XM Material Test System is able to test materials using a wide range of time domain and AC measurement techniques including:

  • I-V (current / voltage – to characterise electronic and dielectric materials)
  • P-E (polarisation / electric field – to characterise ferroelectric materials)
  • High-speed pulse (for electronic and dielectric materials)
  • Staircase and analogue smooth ramp waveforms
  • Impedance, admittance, permittivity / capacitance, electrical modulus
  • C-V (capacitance versus DC voltage), Mott-Schottky

Modulab XM MTS System and Software

Solartron Modulab XM MTS softwareThe Solartron ModuLab XM MTS can be configured as either a single or multichannel system. In multichannel configurations, each channel can be controlled independently from separate PCs, allowing tests on multiple samples to be run in parallel by different researchers. Groups of modules can be configured in the same chassis, from ModuLab XM MTS and from the Modulab XM ECS Electrochemical System. An example application is XM MTS modules characterising high impedance SOFC ionic membrane materials, while XM ECS modules test the complete fuel cells.

All modules are ‘plug and play’, so they be added easily in the field. The software recognises the additional modules and channels and enables them for use in future experiments.

The software provides powerful automatic sequencing of time domain and AC techniques, as well as data analysis features including Fill Factor and circuit fitting functions.

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