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Solartron EchemLab XM

Solartron Analytical

Solartron EchemLab XM

Potentiostat / FRA for Corrosion, Coatings and Physical Electrochemistry

EchemLab XM is part of Solartron Analytical’s new Apps-XM range, a series of potentiostats designed for specific applications.

  • ±100 V polarisation and compliance
  • High voltage auxiliary channels
  • Highest accuracy DC and EIS
  • Multiple AC techniques including single sine, harmonic analysis (non-linear materials) and multisine for faster low frequency tests

EchemLab XM includes a reference-grade potentiostat and FRA (frequency response analyser). The built-in 100 V high voltage amplifier can be used for compliance measurements as well as high voltage cell polarisation. This is useful for high solution resistance applications, eg organic electrochemistry. Power boosters can also be integrated to combine high current and voltage for specialised plating applications.

  • Anodised Al/Mg corrosion coating growth
  • Low conductivity organic electrosynthesis
  • Plating
  • Electro remediation with porous electrodes, for petroleum extraction and environmental applications
  • Electrodeposition for Ti colored films
  • Electrochemical reactor with high voltage bipolar electrodes
  • High impedance biodiesel purity and organic media applications

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Solartron Echemlab XM


  • Corrosion
  • Coatings
  • Specialised plating applications
  • Physical electrochemistry


  • Calibrated specifically for corrosion, coatings and physical electrochemistry
  • Competitive pricing
  • Small footprint
  • 100 V polarisation and compliance
  • High accuracy DC and EIS

Research electrochemistry

Analytical/Fundamental Research

  • Smooth analogue waveforms in all modes of operation.
  • High data acquisition rates up to 1 MS/s – ideal for high speed CV and pulse/step analytical techniques such as:
    • Normal Pulse Voltammetry (NPV)
    • Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV)
  • 100 V polarisation and compliance for advanced experiments involving organic solvents and high resistivity environments.

Battery research

Energy Research

  • High voltage capability for applications such as stack testing.
  • Polarise stacks up to 100 V.
  • Identify individual bad cells in a stack with DC voltage and EIS impedance techniques and built-in high voltage auxiliary inputs.
  • Add external boosters for testing higher power stacks and cells up to 100 V / 100 A.

Corrosion testing

Corrosion and Coatings

  • Test specialised low conductivity corrosion and coatings (>100 GW) with 100 V compliance and polarisation voltage range coupled with sensitive current measurement
  • Investigate non-linear phenomena with harmonic and intermodulation measurements.
  • Perform purely passive techniques eg electrochemical noise using a Zero Resistance Ammeter ZRA.
  • Floating measurements for situations where the sample may be directly or indirectly connected to ground (standard with all Solartron Analytical potentiostats).
  • Specialist corrosion cell and flat cells available.

Echemlab XM potentiostatPotentiostat and Frequency Response Analyser

The EchemLab XM includes a high performance, reference-grade potentiostat. High technology waveform synthesis delivers smooth waveforms in all modes of operation, whether connected directly to the cell or via a high voltage (HV100) amplifier or external boosters. Fast data acquisition is available at up to 1 MS/s for fast CV / fast pulse techniques.

Impedance (EIS) measurements make use of the 40 MS/s frequency response analyser (FRA) for the highest accuracy to 1 MHz, with multi-point calibration. Purest measurement results are guaranteed for all AC measurements by use of 40x oversampling.

EchemLab XM’s advanced frequency response analyser can perform single sine analysis, multisine/Fast Fourier Transform and harmonic analysis (for investigating non-linearity associated with cell failure mechanisms). All impedance techniques are available over the entire 1 MHz frequency range, and via auxiliary inputs for analysing energy devices, eg anode/ cathode and stack cells.

HV / Power Boosters

A high voltage amplifier provides ±100 V polarisation and compliance for analysing specialised high impedance coatings and organic cells. For higher power applications, the amplifier can be coupled with 100 V external power boosters.

12-wire Capability

Four differential auxiliary channels are included as standard, together with 4-terminal connections for a unique 12-wire capability. Monitor time domain voltage and impedance at multiple points in the test cell, for anode/cathode and cell stack testing up to ±100 V. Auxiliary channels are available in all modes, using direct pstat connection or an internal/external booster.

EchemLab XM example measurement

100 GΩ measurements in 3 terminal connection mode, using the built-in
HV high voltage amplifier.

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