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Compact Micromanipulators

Imina Technologies

Compact System

Motorised manipulators for light and electron microscopes

With Imina’s Compact system you can position probes and sensors precisely, and physically interact with your samples. Designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of microscopes and small enough for even the most confined environments.

  • Versatile – Install motorised manipulators on upright and inverted light microscopes, probe stations, AFM, optical breadboards and more.
  • Fast, precise and stable – Move centimetre distances at nanometre resolution and keep steady.
  • Delicate samples – Interact with sensitive materials withoutdamaging them.
  • Affordable and upgradable – The same robots can be used for different applications by changing tools.


The miBot is the smallest nanometre resolution manipulator available. They are extremely flexible and easy to use. Each platform is designed to minimise their footprint in crowded experimental set-ups and confined environmental chambers.

More about miBots…

The Compact system consists of up to four miBots, so you can position the probes and sensors over millimetres with a resolution down to a few tenths of a nanometre.

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Brochure: 1-Bot Stage Brochure: 4-Bot Stage

Imina Compact

Imina Compact Micromanipulators


  • Resistivity measurement
  • I-V / C-V measurement
  • MEMS device characterisation
  • Fibre optic positioning


  • Suitable for wide range of microscopes
  • Precise, nanometre positioning
  • Ideal for sensitive samples
  • Flexible – with interchangeable tools



Compact stages are available in various shapes and dimensions to suit your microscope, and can be equipped with up to 4 miBots. Dimensions are kept to an absolute minimum; the stage has no electronic functions and serves only as a motion arena to the mobile robots.

The stage can be mounted easily on standard optical breadboards and microscope stages with screws and clamps. This makes it quick to reconfigure if you need to alter the set-up for new experiments.

The Compact packages are designed for use at low optical working distances. They’re also suitable for wafer chucks, Petri dishes and other large substrates mounted on sample holders, moved by a positioning stage.

Custom Solutions

If you don’t already have a microscope or if you’re looking for a complete package with optics, sample stage, wafer chuck and third party accessories, get in touch for advice and we’ll help you find the optimum combination.

Custom integrations are available. For example, the custom configuration below was created for electrical measurements at wafer-level. It’s designed to test ICs and MEMs, with automated features. The station is adapted for wafers up to 6”, and consist of:

  • 8 independent probes
  • Motorised XYZ wafer stage
  • Optics with coaxial illumination
  • Digital camera

All components are controlled with just one software programme, making it easy to move the wafer to specific locations and collect data, with preset test routines.

Imina Custom Solution

Custom probe station for wafer-level electrical measurements.


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