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Nanoprobing SEM

Imina Technologies

Nanoprobing SEM

In situ low current electrical measurement

With Imina’s SEM Nanoprobing system you can characterise your nanoscale samples in the vacuum chamber of an electron microscope, at the time of their observation. Characterise and manipulate electrical devices and advanced materials at the nanometer scale.

The system consists of four miBot piezoactuated micro robots. These enable you to independently position probes with nanometer precision. With 4 degrees of freedom, you can easily adjust the orientation of probes in situ during experiment.

Electrical Characterisation

Designed specifically for low current measurements, with leakage currents as low as 100 fA/V. You can also perform electrical characterisation of nanostructures using third party source-meter units (SMU) and signal analysers through the shielded cabling, with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

Example: Characterising 10nm CMOS transistors with SEM-based nanoprobing

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SEM Nanoprobing

Imina SEM Nanoprobe


  • Transistors
  • Via chains
  • Die or open packages
  • 2D materials devices
  • Nanowires & CNT


  • Extend the capabilities of your SEM
  • Observe, prepare and characterise samples at once
  • Electrical measurements and mechanical manipulation at nanometer scale.
  • Easy probe positioning


The Imina Nanoprobing SEM package can be retrofitted to almost all SEMs. The system is flat, with a diameter of 10cm, so will fit in even the smallest SEM chamber. Adapters are provided for use where necessary. The aperture at the centre of the robot platform fits a range of SEM stubs, so you can observe the sample just as you usually would.

There are two configurations:

  • Mount directly on the SEM sample translation stage (PN15)
    • Quick to install and remove
    • No permanent modification to your microscope
  • Install on the SEM load-lock (airlock) mechanism (PL16)
    • Highest throughput
    • Change devices and probe tips faster (no need to open the chamber)

Imina SEM Nanoprobing Configurations

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