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Portable Micromanipulator Platform

Imina Technologies

Portable System

Portable micromanipulator platform, ideal for shared labs

The Imina portable platform consists of up to four micromanipulators, that can be moved from one microscope to another in minutes. Simply plug in and start getting results. Compatible with light and electron microscopes, for micrometre to nanometre scale characterisation.

  • Versatile – 4 manipulators on 1 platform, for use with multiple microscopes
  • Streamlined workflow – Observe, prepare and characterise your samples in one place
  • Easy, precise probe positioning – Instantly adjust to any geometry
  • Stable and reliable – Move without vibration, maintaining steady electrical contacts

Each miBot manipulator can position probes over millimetre scale samples at a resolution down to a few tenths of a nanometre. More about miBots…

The portable system is ideal for labs with shared equipment. It can be packed away into a case for easy transport and storage.

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Imina Portable

Imina Portable Micromanipulators


  • Thin film transistors
  • Device powering and characterisation
  • Nanowires
  • MEMS


  • Ideal for shared labs
  • One platform for many microscopes
  • Exchange in minutes
  • Suitable for ambient & vacuum use


The Imina portable platform is suitable for samples up to 5cm (2”) in diameter.

Mounting interfaces are available for most optical and electron microscopes/SEMs. It can be transferred from one microscope to another in minutes. The central aperture fits a wide range of SEM stubs, so there is no change to the way you observe the sample.

The miBot stage has a MultiBot controller for up to 4 miBots and a single piezo driver. Cables are kept to a minimum, making it easier to transfer.

Electrical signals can be measured or injected at the miBot probe tips by third party instruments. Simply connect them to the coaxial connectors on the front panel.


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