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Princeton Applied Research Software

By Princeton Applied Research

Princeton Applies Research softwarePrinceton Applied Research software, for use with their comprehensive range of galvanostats and potentiostats.

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Versastudio software


Exclusive, dedicated software for the VersaSTAT series, with modules for basic and advanced voltammetry, corrosion and energy techniques.

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PowerSuite Software

PowerSuite Electrochemistry Software consists of the following modules, that can be purchased separately or as a complete package:

  • PowerCORR – Corrosion Measurement
  • PowerPULSE – Electroanalytical
  • PowerSINE – Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
  • PowerCV – Voltammetry
  • PowerSTEP – Chronoamperometry / Chronopotentiometry

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PowerCORR Corrosion Measurement Software


  • 12 standard techniques – including Galvanodynamic Sweep and Zero Resistance Ammeter function
  • Corrosion Data Analysis to determine Tafel Slopes, ECORR, ICORR, RP and Corrosion Rate, even during data acquisition
  • Auto-execute for unattended, sequenced experimental control, and experiment sequencing with other PowerSuite techniques
  • Easily import M352 SoftCorrIII files

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PowerPULSE Electroanalytical Software


  • Standard pulse techniques for electroanalytical experiments
  • Recurrent (cycling) techniques for battery cycling with settings for potential, current and charge limitation
  • Multi-step chronoamperometry or chronopotentiometry experiments with up to four different pulse amplitudes and cycling over multiple iterations
  • Powerful graphics including plotting and analysis tools
  • Import M250/.270 data files

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PowerSINE Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Software


  • ODBC compliant data storage
  • Powerful graphics options, including double Y-axis plots, hover window
  • Experiment and graph wizards
  • Change parameters during experiments

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PowerSTEP Chronoamperometry/Chronopotentiometry Software


  • Data storage compliant with ODBC
  • New experiment and graph wizards
  • User-defined reference electrode table
  • Supports solid, rotating & SMDE electrodes

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PowerCV Voltammetry Software


  • Cyclic Voltammetry (CV and Linear Sweep Voltammetry – LSV) techniques for redox-active system characterisation
  • Flexible programming with either Ramp or Staircase modes, offering Pulse Electrode Conditioning, Vertex Delays and Acquisition Mode
  • Multi-cycle CVs (single or double vertex) displaying all cycles or any four cycles within the data sheet
  • Powerful graphics with plotting and analysis tools
  • Positive feedback IR compensation available
  • Easily import M250/270 data files

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ZSimpWin Electrochemical Impedance Modeling Software


  • Compatible with PowerSINE formats
  • No need for start guesses
  • Single-click fitting procedures
  • Large selection of models
  • New models easily created
  • Batch processing routines
  • Multiple plotting formats
  • Kramers-Kronig extrapolation

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