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PARSTAT MC Multichannel Potentiostat

Princeton Applied Research (Ametek)


Modular multichannel potentiostat / galvanostat

The PARSTAT™ MC is the most robust multi-channel electrochemical testing platform available, combining function, flexibility and value.

Up to eight channels can operate either simultaneously for high-throughput routine testing, asynchronously for experiments on distinct cells or in a complex matrix of multiple electrodes, in a single test environment.

  • Wide dynamic current range of 2 A to 4 nA (120 fA resolution) as standard – no need for expensive additional hardware
  • Fast data acquisition at 500 kS/sec – enabling a wide range of high speed applications
  • Floating ground for testing multiple samples in the same cell
  • VersaStudio electrochemical acquisition and analysis software

Flexible Modular Design

  • Each chassis configured with up to 8 potentiostats (see below)
  • Add or remove channels, even while other channels are in use
  • All components within the chassis can be replaced by the user

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PARSTAT MC multichannel potentiostat


  • Research electrochemistry
  • Battery / supercapacitors
  • Nanotechnology
  • Corrosion and coatings
  • Fuel cells and solar cells
  • Sensors

PMC 2000 - PARSTAT MC Family Multi Channel PotentiostatModular PARSTAT MC Family

Each PARSTAT MC chassis can be configured with up to 8 potentiostat channels of any PARSTAT MC family variety (see below). Each card provides a wide range of functionality as standard. Configure your system to meet your specific requirements.

Channels can operate simultaneously for high-throughput routine testing, individually for different experiments on distinct cells or in a complex matrix of multiple electrodes in a single test environment. Additional channels can be added on-site by the user, even while other channels are in operation. The PARSTAT MC is a platform that grows with you as your research needs evolve.

PMC-2000A – Highest Performance

  • Highest performance available in the range
  • 30 Volts Polarisation Voltage for energy-storage stacks, anodisation experiments and generating electrophoretic fields
  • 7 MHz frequency for EIS (Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy) studies for kinetics and mechanism investigation and solid-state energy materials
  • “6-wire” capability for measuring additional voltage, for Anode/Cathode impedance experiments, compliance voltage determination, recording from external probe or device
  • Plus all the advantages of the PARSTAT MC Family

The PMC-2000A is an unparalleled research-grade potentiostat/galvanostat. With market-leading specifications in current range, input impedance, applied voltage range and frequency range, all as standard features, it sits atop the potentiostat family and the multi-channel potentiostat marketplace.

PMC-2000 applications - click to enlarge

PMC-1000 – Wide Range of Applications

  • High performance channel for the PARSTAT MC
  • Widest dynamic current range – 2 Amps to 4 nA (120 fA resolution) as standard
  • Plus all the advantages of the PARSTAT MC 500

The PMC-1000 potentiostat cards are designed with the widest range of applications in mind. With the widest native current range of the PARSTAT MC line, the PMC-1000 can be used to characterise both low current nano devices and high current batteries, all with a single potentiostat card. This current range width is not available from any other manufacturer without the addition of low current amplifiers or boosters, which significantly add to the cost and take up valuable chassis space. The PMC-1000 cards are configured with ten current ranges, for a full range of applications and techniques from corrosion to energy storage.

PMC-1000potentiostat applications

NEW PMC-200 – Dual Channel Functionality

  •  Two channels per module for higher throughput. Each has EIS and core DC testing functionality.
  • 1-Amp of current as standard – analyse larger batteries at higher rates.
  • 24-bits ADC components for the highest quality voltage and current resolution of measured response.

The new PMC-200 can be easily added to the PARSTAT MC chassis in minutes – no training required for installation.

Customise your system with the PMC modules you need – the new PMC-200 can operate alongside any of the other modules that you already have.

Versastudio softwareExperiments

The popular VersaStudio software enables a full range of electrochemical tests, designed for researchers in Energy Storage, Corrosion and Physical Electrochemistry, including Voltammetry and Pulsing applications.

Experiments can be run individually or combined with Advanced Actions for powerful, flexible sequences.


Open circuit
Linear scan voltammetry
Cyclic voltammetry (single)
Cyclic voltammetry (multiple cycles)
Staircase linear scan voltammetry
Staircase cyclic voltammetry (single)
Staircase cyclic voltammetry (multiple cycles)
Fast potential pulses
Fast galvanic pulses
Recurrent potential pulses
Recurrent galvanic pulses
Square wave voltammetry
Differential pulse voltammetry
Normal pulse voltammetry
Reverse normal pulse voltammetry
Zero resistance ammeter (ZRA)
Galvanic corrosion
Cyclic polarisation
Linear polarisation
Dynamic iR
Potentiostat EIS
Galvanostatic EIS
Time delay
Message prompt
Measure OC
Auxiliary interface
Run external application
DAC output control
iR determination

New VersaStudio Energy Techniques

Constant current
Constant power
Power CCD
Constant potential
Multi-vertex scan
Resistance CCD
Constant resistance
Current CCDPL



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