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Bruker / Anasys Instruments

Bruker / Anasys Instruments

Award-winning nanoscale probe-based analysis, AFM, pioneering AFM-IR, nanoscale thermal analysis and scanning thermal microscopy. Anasys is now part of the Bruker Nano Analysis portfolio. Official Nordic distrubutor.

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Bruker Anasys NanoIR3

Nanoscale IR spectroscopy with tapping AFM-IR


Bruker Analysis NanoIR3-s

Nano FTIR spectroscopy & 10nm s-SNOM chemical imaging


Bruker Anasys nanoIR3-s Broadband

nanoIR3-s Broadband
Most advanced s-SNOM based nanoscale FTIR spectroscopy system

Atomic Force Microscope

Anasys AFM+

More than an imaging tool

Nanoscale Thermal Analysis

Anasys nano-TA2 Nanoscale Thermal Analysis

nanoTA2 & SThM
Extra capabilities for your AFM

Heated Tip Probes

ThermaLever probe

ThermaLever Probes
Heating up to 400˚C

About Anasys Instruments

Anasys Instruments

Anasys Instruments is creates innovative systems for measuring nanoscale material properties. Understanding structure-property correlation, particularly for samples with spatially different physical and chemical properties, is critical in a diverse range of fields, including polymers, materials science, life science, semiconductors and data storage. Anasys introduced nanothermal analysis (nano-TA) with their self-heating ThermaLever™ AFM cantilever probes in 2006, enabling nanoscale measurement of thermal properties.

In 2010, Anasys launched their multiple award-winning nanoIR™ technology, an AFM-based solution for nanoscale chemical characterisation using infrared spectroscopy. Combining AFM and infrared spectroscopy offers researchers a whole new range of chemical, mechanical and thermal property measurements.

Anasys Instruments introduced the afm+ in 2011. The afm+ is the first fully integrated AFM platform which delivers thermal probe technology (nano-TA), Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) and transition temperature microscopy (TTM).

Anasys is now part of the Bruker nanoscale measurement portfolio.

Why Choose Anasys?

  • Award-winning technology
  • Pioneering breakthrough techniques
  • Powerful instruments
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