Battery Testing Workshop Videos (UCL, November 2018)

Watch videos of the talks from our Battery Testing Workshop in November 2018 at UCL in London.

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Metrology for High Energy Density Batteries

Dr Gareth Hinds, NPL

An overview of battery research at the National Physical Laboratory and how they’re supporting the Faraday Challenge.

Electro-Analytical Methods and Techniques for Battery Materials Research

Dr Carmen Murphy, Johnson Matthey

Presentation about next generation batteries, charge carriers in rechargeable batteries and impedance as a tool for cell diagnostics.

Battery Research at the EIL

Dr Rema Abdulaziz, Electrochemical Innovation Lab, UCL

An introduction to facilities, instrumentation and research being carried at UCL’s Electrochemical Innovation Lab (EIL) for energy storage and conversion.

Recent Developments in EIS for eV Applications

Dr John Harper, Ametek (Solartron Analytical)

New tools for circuit modelling and state of health analysis, for testing Li-ion cells and electric vehicle modules. With a preview of new systems and technology currently in production at Ametek, for release in the near future.

Test Methods from the Current Portfolio of Ametek Instruments

Dr Rob Sides, Ametek (Princeton Applied Research)

A look through potentiostats and electrochemical testing systems from Princeton Applied Research, and what’s possible for battery research and testing.

Further Information

Blue Scientific is the official UK and Nordic distributor of all systems from Ametek. If you’d like any more information about the instruments mentioned in these videos or battery testing applications, please get in touch.

Solartron Analytical instruments

Princeton Applied Research instruments

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