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Bruker SkyScan 2214

Bruker Micro-CT

Bruker SkyScan 2214

Multi-scale X-Ray Nano-CT

The SkyScan 2214 is a new multi-scale X-ray nanotomograph, which covers the widest range of object sizes and spatial resolutions in a single instrument, opening up a whole new range of possibilities.

  • Scan objects as large as >300mm in diameter
  • Sub-micron resolution for small samples
  • Image high aspect ratio and planar objects with HART PLUS
  • World’s fastest hierarchical 3D reconstruction software: 10-100 times faster than conventional algorithms and GPU-accelerated reconstruction.

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Bruker SkyScan 2214


  • Geological & oil/gas exploration
  • Composite materials
  • Battery & fuel cell research
  • Electronics
  • Life science – more info


  • Non-destructive 3D internal imaging
  • Widest range of sizes & resolutions
  • World’s fastest image reconstruction
  • Flexible system with field-upgradeable detectors

 Watch videos of example applications:

Battery Research

Composite Materials



Additive Manufacturing


Violin Component


4mm Chalk Sample


Nano-CT image of shale

Volume rendered 3D model of shale with colour-coded local thickness of the pores. 6.2 μm voxel size.

Geology, Oil and Gas

  • Study conventional and unconventional reservoirs in full core size or as volumes of interest
  • Measure pore size and permeability, grain size and shape
  • Calculate distribution of mineral phases in 3D
  • Analyse dynamic processes

Nano-CT Battery Image

Virtual cut through a lithium-ion battery. Scanned at 900 nm voxel size.

Energy Storage and Battery Research

  • Non-destructive imaging of batteries and fuel cells in 3D
  • Quantify defects
  • Anode and cathode structural analysis
  • Monitor structural changes over time with dynamic experiments

Nano-CT Scan of Polymer Composite Materials

Volume rendered 3D model of CFRP (Carbon-Fiber Reinforces Polymer) with colour-coded local fibre orientation. 600 nm voxel size.

Polymers and Composite Materials

  • Study fine structures with <500 nm 3D resolution
  • Examine micro-structural architecture and porosity
  • Quantify defects, local fibre orientation and thickness

Face Mask - Micro-CT

PPE Face Mask Scanned with Micro-CT

Micro-CT scan of a small piece of an FFP2 facemask (click to enlarge). It’s colour-coded to show fibre orientation, which affects the air permeability, water diffusion and bending rigidity of the mask.

SkyScan 2214 Nano-CT

Technical Details

  • “Open type” (pumped) X-ray source with <0.5 microns spot size and diamond window
  • Up to four X-ray detectors:
    • Flat-panel for large objects
    • 11Mp cooled CCD with wide field of view
    • 11Mp cooled CCD with medium field of view
    • 8Mp cooled CCD for highest spatial resolution
  • Best data quality in a short scanning time:
    • Automatic variable acquisition geometry
    • Phase-contrast enhancement
  • Helical scanning for fewer artefacts and exact reconstruction – more info…


The SkyScan 2214 comes with Bruker’s full micro-CT software suite, including modules for:

  • Fast volumetric reconstruction
  • 2D/ 3D quantitative analysis
  • Realistic 3D visualisation
  • Volume rendering
  • Create movies with virtual flights around and inside your object

Reconstructions can be sent to iPads, iPhones or Android devices, where you can make virtual cuts on your touchscreen.

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