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Bruker S4 T-Star

Bruker TXRF

Bruker S4 T-Star

Powerful Ultra Trace Element Analysis with TXRF

TXRF (Total reflection X-ray fluorescence) spectroscopy is an established technique for trace element analysis, suitable for a wide variety of samples. The S4 T-Star simplifies TXRF, with features for 24/7 routine operation and guaranteed data quality, making it an attractive alternative to ICP.

  • Low sub-ppb detection limits
  • Flexible and versatile – analyse a wide variety of samples
  • Automatic quality control features
  • 24/7 operation for overnight industrial routine analysis
  • Multi-user operation and 90 sample capacity
  • Selection of tools for fast sample preparation, minimising errors and contamination

Cost-Effective Alternative to ICP

TXRF is a fast and cost-effective alternative to ICP analysis. Where ICP requires fully dissolved liquid samples, the S4 TStar can analyse a wide variety of sample types. Various carriers and tools are available for different samples, making preparation easier and quicker than ICP.

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Bruker S4 TStar TXRF

Bruker TStar Sample Carriers

High capacity of 90 samples and carriers for a wide variety of sample types


  • Pharmaceutical production – Detect catalyser elements in active ingredients and additives
  • Biopharmaceuticals – Analyse nutrients and contaminants in cell culture media – more info…
  • Food – Fraud prevention and food safety
  • Environmental – Water, effluent, air and soil analysis eg measuring contaminants in waste water (case study here)


  • Lowest detection limits in the sub-ppb range
  • Analyse a variety of sample types
  • Automatic quality control routines
  • High capacity – 90 samples
  • Fast and cost-effective alternative to ICP


Ultra trace analysis you can rely on, to comply with regulations in a variety of fields. If your area of work is not mentioned here, please get in touch.

Pharmaceutical trace analysis

Pharmaceutical Trace Analysis

Detect catalyzer elements in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API): < 0.1/0.5 ppm Pd in liquids or pills. Comply with upcoming US and EU Pharmacopeia guidelines.

  • Measure nutrients and identify contamination in cell culture media – more info…
  • Analyse trace metals in biological and medical samples – more info…
Food safety trace analysis

Food Safety

Food safety according to FAO/WHO standards eg directly analyse As levels in rice, as low as < 40 ppb. Prevent fraud and ensure product safety in globalised supply chains.

Recorded webinar from Bruker: Rapid analysis of nutrients and toxic elements in food and beverages by TXRF

Environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Maintain a healthy environment by monitoring contaminants in water, effluent, air and soil. < 10 ppb detection of contaminants in wastewater, slurries and effluent.

Identifying Illegal Mining

The S4 TStar was used in an operation by the Brazilian Federal Police to identify illegal mining activities and defend the Amazon’s unique natural environment:

Bruker TStar spectrometer features

Automatic QC Procedures

The Bruker S4 TStar is the first TXRF spectrometer that runs QC routines automatically to qualify operation and performance in the background, ensuring data quality. Automatic stability and sensitivity checks are run with integrated QA samples.

Minimise Sample Contamination

Bruker’s SampleCare™ protects samples and improves data quality. Reduced air flow and integrated sample housing minimises the risk of contamination. A slight stream of nitrogen shields the samples, and removes argon from the air for improved detection of palladium and silver.

Convenient Sample Control and Archiving

Control the quality of your sample with a magnified image from a CCD camera. All sample images are archived automatically for review.

High Capacity

The S4 TStar sample changer has a high capacity of up to 90 sample discs. Automated batch processing is available, so you can measure samples overnight. The TStar is designed for multi-user operation, with up to 10 different trays. These can be loaded and unloaded while the instrument is running.

Easyload™ Sample Station

Dedicated sample trays are available for different types of samples. These are recognised automatically, for efficiency and to prevent errors. All open measurement jobs can be started immediately, increasing throughput and speed.

Efficient Storage

Trays can be stored in stackable boxes, to prevent contamination. Centre markings on the bottom plate allow direct pipetting of any sample without touching the sample carrier.

Final Results on the Spot

Typically, samples are prepared multiple times. Straight after measurement, statistical data  is reported automatically (average, standard deviation etc.). Standard libraries allow the determination of recoveries. Any deviations from the admissible tolerance are highlighted for you.

Sample Carriers

The S4 TStar has a high capacity of 90 samples. A wide variety of carriers is available for a various sample types:

30 mm quartz discs

30 mm Quartz Discs

Quartz discs for elemental analysis of liquids, solids and suspensions.

2" wafers

2″ Wafers

2” wafers for contamination analysis, depth profiling and material sciences research.

Microscopy slides

Microscopy Slides

Microscopy slides forclinical and biological samples,and direct analysis of cell cultures, smears and thin sections.

Rectangular TXRF sample carriers

Rectangular Carriers

Rectangular carriers up to 54 mm for TXRF analysis of films, filters and nanoparticle layers; any customised reflective media.

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