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Bruker Contour GT-K

Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland only

Bruker Contour GT-K

Imaging and Metrology for a Wide Range of Surfaces

The Bruker Contour GT-K 3D optical microscope delivers surface metrology with a compact footprint. Benefit from exceptional roughness and 2D/3D measurement capabilities, high-resolution imaging and a user friendly interface.

The gage-capable system includes extensive library of pre-programmed filters and analyses for surface metrology applications in LEDs, solar cells, thick films, semiconductors, medical devices and optahalmics, MEMS and tribology.

With unmatched Z-axis resolution and accuracy, the ContourGT-K features Bruker’s proprietary white light interferometry, without the disadvantages of conventional confocal and standard digital microscopes.

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Bruker Contour GT-K

Bruker NanoLens AFM module

Optional NanoLens AFM module


  • LEDs, semiconductors and solar cells
  • Thick films
  • Medical devices and opthalmics
  • MEMS
  • Tribology


  • Best Z resolution independent of magnification
  • Large field of view
  • Stable, vibration-tolerant design
  • High resolution and colour camera options

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