Cryo TEM Lunchtime Talk – Copenhagen, 30th October 2018

Join us for a lunchtime talk about cryo-EM at the University of Copenhagen on Tuesday 30th October 2018 at 1pm – please register now to reserve your space, so we can adequately provide a buffet lunch:

“Advances in Cryo TEM Reconstruction Resolution and Workflow enabled by Fast Counting Direct Detection Cameras”

Presented by Dr. Paul Spellward of Gatan UK

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Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Gatan systems for electron microscopes in the Nordic region (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland). For more information or quotes, please get in touch.

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Cryo TEM

Cryo TEM (single-particle cryo-EM) is a characterisation technique for structural biology, with a high resolution comparable to X-ray crystallography. An advantage of the technique is the ability to study samples in their natural, hydrated state, at atomic resolution. It reveals structural details, without the need for crystallisation. You can study:

  • Viruses
  • Small organelles
  • Macromolecular biological complexes
  • Molecular interactions in supramolecular assemblies or machines

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Lunchtime Talk

Dr. Paul Spellward from Gatan UK in Oxford will be giving a talk entitled “Advances in Cryo TEM Reconstruction Resolution and Workflow Enabled by Fast Counting Direct Detection Cameras”.

The talk will discuss how new advances in TEM electron counting camera technology and filters have greatly improved resolution and imaging quality in cryo biological applications. Electron counting delivers clearer, better quality results and higher signal-to-noise. You can also study beam-sensitive materials and employ longer acquisition times.

All are welcome at the talk on Tuesday 30th October 2018 at 1pm. Lunch and drinks will be provided.


There’s no charge to attend, but registration is required so we can cater for everyone.

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The talk will be at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health in the Faculty Club (Panum 16.6.16, 13-15):

Gatan Instruments

Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Gatan in the Nordic region. If you can’t make it to the talk but would like more information about cryo-EM, please get in touch.

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Gatan systems

Cryo-electron microscopy image

Cryo-EM structure of beta-galactosidase with 2.2 Å resolution. Courtesy of Center for Cancer Research, NIH.