EIS Summer School 2019

Learn the theory and practice of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy at the Bath EIS Summer School 2019 on 9-12 July at the University of Bath, with Solartron Analytical.

The date of this event has now passed. Details of the upcoming 2020 course are available here.

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EIS Summer School

A hands-on, intensive course given by Professor Laurie Peter and colleagues at the University of Bath in collaboration with Solartron Analytical.

This highly popular course has run for more than twenty years. It provides a sound foundation in both the theory and applications of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS).

Teaching is in small groups, with a strong emphasis on hands-on, practical exercises. A unique feature of the course is that 70% of the time is spent in the lab using Solartron instrumentation, under the guidance of course demonstrators. This establishes a strong link between theory and experiment.

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Course Content


Introducing the principle underlying EIS methods. Full details of the lectures and experiments are included in the comprehensive course materials.

Practical Sessions

Sessions begin by introducing the experimental apparatus used for impedance measurement. In the first two lab sessions, participants learn how to set up and interface the hardware and how to troubleshoot problems. The subsequent lab sessions concentrate on experiments chosen to illustrate the principles and applications of frequency response analysis.

By the End of the Course

Participants will be able to operate frequency response analysers and PC-controlled potentiostats as well as interpret and fit impedance data using non-linear regression programmes.


  • Network analysis
  • Impedance of electrochemical systems
  • Frequency response analysis
  • Solartron systems and software
  • Electrical properties of materials
  • Invited guest lecture: Prof. Upul Wijayantha, Loughborough University


  • Getting to know the equipment
  • Impedance of model circuits
  • Impedance of a simple redox system
  • Impedance of corroding metals – inhibitors
  • Impedance of corrosion – polymer coatings
  • Impedance of batteries
  • Impedance of solar cells
  • Impedance of solid oxide fuel cell materials
  • Measurement of dielectric properties
  • Measurement of membrane properties

Course Fees

The £1150 registration fee for the four day intensive course includes:

  • All course materials
  • All practical laboratory costs
  • Daily lunches
  • Tea and coffee
  • Course dinner at a restaurant in Bath

Accommodation is not included.

Register Online

The date of this event has now passed.

Details of the upcoming 2020 course are available here.

More Information

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