Grading Used Automotive Batteries for Second Life Applications

A new technique for grading used automotive batteries from electric vehicles in a much shorter time, so they can be used for second life applications.

The methodology was developed at WMG with support from AMETEK , and is now commercially available in a new battery analyser called the SI9300R.

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Second Life Uses for Automotive Batteries

As electric vehicles are more widely used, there are growing numbers of end of service batteries – and this will only increase in future. This presents manufacturers with the challenge of sorting and preparing automotive battery packs for second life applications.

Nissan identified a potential channel for recycled Lithium-ion battery packs from their electric vehicles. However, before this can be put into practice, it’s important to evaluate the feasibility of returning used battery packs to market for energy storage in new applications.

Grading Used Electric Vehicle Batteries

UK Energy Storage Laboratory Project

A recycling programme for used batteries would have great potential, so Nissan led the establishment of the UK Energy Storage Laboratory project. This is a consortium to develop a scalable approach for grading used batteries.

The project was funded by the UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and managed in partnership with WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group), AMETEK and Element Energy.

Grading Used Batteries

Researchers at WMG’s Energy Innovation Centre developed a safe, reliable and rapid workflow for grading used automotive Lithium-ion batteries at pack level.

WMG then scaled the technique to Nissan’s second-life facility in the UK, and provided training to Nissan Europe, to help achieve the target of generating 1MWh of second-life energy storage by the end of 2019.

Faster Battery Grading

WMG further developed new algorithms to grade battery modules, using AMETEK electrochemical testing systems. The new process can rapidly assess State of Health (SoH) with a proven accuracy of ±3.2%.

The results are striking: the time required for grading was reduced from four hours per module to less than five minutes.


AMETEK has patented the technology and it’s now available in the new SI-9300R battery analyser system.

This is the first time that the pack grading methodology has been demonstrated for volume manufacturing outside of a laboratory – so this is a significant advancement in the electric vehicle industry.

Ametek SI-9300R Battery Cycler
Ametek SI-9300R Battery Analyser

AMETEK Electrochemical Testing Systems

We offer the full range of electrochemical testing systems from AMETEK (Solartron Analytical and Princeton Applied Research). This includes a range of systems that can be used in battery testing and development.

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EIS for EV Applications

Learn about EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy) techniques for electric vehicle battery applications in this video from our Battery Research Workshop last year at UCL in London. Dr John Harper of Ametek discusses tools for circuit modelling and state of health analysis.

Watch more videos from the workshop here, including presentations from the Electrochemical Innovation Lab at UCL, Johnson Matthey and how the NPL is supporting the Faraday Challenge.

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