New Solartron Apps-XM Series of Potentiostats

New Solartron Apps-XM series from Ametek – a range of potentiostats designed for specific applications, with smaller footprints and affordable prices.

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New Apps-XM Series

The Solartron Apps-XM series includes four application-focused instruments:

  • Specific applications – Each instrument is optimised for a specific area of research.
  • Small footprint – Each Apps-XM instrument takes up less than half the space of alternative systems, to save you valuable lab space.
  • Competitive pricing – Purchase just the functionality you need for your area of work, without unnecessary extras.

EnergyLab XM

The first instrument in the Apps-XM Series was introduced in March 2016, for testing energy storage devices including batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells. More details…

Solartron EnergyLab XM Impedance Workstation

EchemLab XM

Electrochemical testing system for corrosion, coatings, anodisation studies and physical / analytical electrochemistry research. The system includes a reference grade potentiostat, frequency response analyser (FRA) and a 100 V high-voltage amplifier. EchemLab XM provides multiple AC techniques including single sine, harmonic analysis, and multisine. More details…

Solartron Echemlab XM

SolarLab XM

Designed for solar cell / photovoltaic (PV) research, for testing a variety of PV materials including Dye Sensitised Solar Cells (DSSC) and Perovskite Solar Cells. The PhotoEchem module was developed in partnership with Professor Laurie Peter of Bath University. An Incident Photon to Current Efficiency (IPCE) option is also available for quantum efficiency studies. More details…

Solartron SolarLab XM potentiostat

MaterialsLab XM

A fully integrated, reference grade, time domain and AC measurement platform for materials research, with highest accuracy DC and EIS. Low frequency to 10 µHz is available for degradation, trap state and material purity studies. Switch instantly between Time Domain (I-V, pulse) and EIS without changing sample connections. More details…

Solartron Materials Lab XM

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