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Bruker Q2 ION

Small, lightweight metal analyser

The Bruker Q2 ION is the smallest, lightest spark emission spectrometer available for metals analysis.

It’s designed for small and medium-sized businesses in the metals industry, with a dedicated PMI workflow for incoming material testing and quality control, as well as standard analytical mode.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Versatile multi-matrix system.
  • Affordable price and low running costs.

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Bruker Q2 ION


Metals analysis at smaller foundries, inspection companies, recycling plants and metal fabricators for PMI, alloy grading and material sorting:

  • Iron, steel and their alloys
  • Aluminum and its alloys
  • Copper and its alloys
  • … more on request


  • Ultra-compact and lightweight (19kg).
  • Affordable with low running costs.
  • Two modes: analytical and PMI.

Simple Workflow

The Q2 ION is very easy to use:

  • Place the sample on the spark stand.
  • Press the start button.
  • The complete elemental composition of the metal is displayed in less than 30 seconds.

Bruker Q2 ION Sample Stand

Elemental Suite Software

Elemental Suite is Bruker’s software for elemental analysers. It’s powered by a Linux controller and SQL database for stability and performance.

  • Save, print and report analyses easily with one click.
  • Assign permissions to users and groups.
  • Report designer and templates and flexible exporting to PDF, HTML or CSV.
  • Check the instrument’s state.
  • Standardisation history for audit trails.

You can switch to a dedicated PMI screen for positive material identification. This uses either the integrated grade library, or you can import your own. More about the metals database…

Analytical Performance

While compact, the Q2 ION is known for outstanding performance in this class. The latest generation has an extended portfolio of elements and calibrations, and overall improved performance.

Bruker’s patented flat field optical design provides maximum stability, and the high-definition CCD detector and ClearSpectrum technology deliver best-in-class performance. 

Bruker Q2 ION Metals Analyser
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