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Bruker D8 DISCOVER Plus

Bruker XRD


NEW Flagship of Bruker’s XRD Range

The Bruker D8 DISCOVER Plus is a powerful new X-Ray Diffraction system combining:

  • 6kw TXS-HE Turbo X-Ray Source – Highly powerful, efficient and reliable source for line and spot focus applications.
  • ATLAS goniometer – High endurance and unrivalled, guaranteed angular accuracy.
  • Non-coplanar arm for in-plane diffraction measurements with exceptional accuracy – more info…
  • IµS microfocus X-ray source with new MONTELPlus optics for mm sized samples.

The D8 DISCOVER Plus sets a new standard for XRD, with faster collection of higher quality data. The robust configuration maintains this high level of performance for all applications, from classic powder diffraction to epitaxial thin film characterisation.

The system is flexible and fully compatible with Bruker’s wide variety of components, optics and detectors.

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  • Materials research
  • Structure analysis
  • Thin film analysis
  • Maximum beam conditioning
  • Dynamic processes


  • Unmatched capabilities
  • High power, unrivalled accuracy and reliability
  • Multipurpose and dedicated configurations
  • Flexible and compatible with a range of components

Turbo X-ray Source

Extra signal is always an advantage in X-ray Diffraction, for better data quality, signal-to-noise and sample throughput.

The TXS-HE High Efficiency Turbo X-ray Source boosts signal while minimising the maintenance associated with rotating anode technology.

  • Up to 5 times the intensity of an industrial sealed tube
  • Unsurpassed focal spot brightness
  • Maximum intensity, with the perfect configuration of optics
  • Minimal air scatter, with a reduced beam path length

ATLAS Goniometer

The goniometer is key to accurate sample analysis. The ATLAS goniometer features precise orientation of components for the highest accuracy during measurement:

  • High-precision stepper motors with high resolution optical encoders
  • Precise, software monitored component interface
  • Robust and maintenance-free

In Plane Diffraction

Equip the D8 DISCOVER Plus with the non-coplanar arm and MONTEL Plus X-ray optics for the highest intensity for in plane diffraction. More info…

XRD accuracy

Guaranteed Alignment

Bruker guaranteed perfect alignment: the angular deviation ∆2Theta of measured and certified peak positions 2Theta is ≤0.007°. This is verified on each individual instrument, by measuring the NIST certified standard SRM1976.

Full Compatibility

The new system is compatible with the full range of D8 DISCOVER components including:

  • Optics – Optimal beam conditions for every experiment, with multi-beampath optics.
  • Stages – Including multi position sample changers, centric Eulerian cradles and UMC stages for heavy loads.
  • Detectors – Multi-mode detectors for all XRD applications, including Bruker’s LYNXEYE XE-T and EIGER2 R 500K.
  • Accessories

Application Notes

Download these application notes from Bruker to learn more about specific applications:

PDF of titanium oxide nanoparticles

PDF (pair distribution function) refinement of titanium oxide nanoparticles, showing structural defects.

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