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Stela Hybrid-Pixel Camera


Gatan Stela

Hybrid-pixel camera for 4D STEM 

The Gatan Stela is a complete, fully integrated system for advanced 4D STEM diffraction, featuring a hybrid-pixel electron detector with STEMx.

  • Seamlessly integrated diffraction imaging and 4D STEM with Gatan Microscopy Suite.
  • Exceptional dynamic range, for capturing both weak and intense reflections.
  • Acquire a 4D cube at >16,000 pixels/s.
  • Reduced specimen drift and damage.
  • Cover large sample areas in less time.
  • Optimized for low kV imaging – ideal for materials that require diffraction studies at <80 kV

What is 4D STEM?

Stela is the only fully integrated hybrid-pixel detector with STEMx. It enables you to quickly turns subtle observations into insights. Analyse and assess results in minutes, optimise the experiment and collect the best 4D STEM dataset possible

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  • 4D STEM
  • Materials science
  • Natural resources
  • Electronics


  • Fully integrated system with Gatan Microscopy Suite.
  • Low kV imaging.
  • Brings advanced 4D STEM techniques to the mainstream.
  • Hybrid-pixel electron detection from DECTRIS.

I am very pleased by this agreement with DECTRIS, as their hybrid-pixel electron detectors truly complements our current portfolio and unified workflows within Gatan Microscopy Suite. With this new camera, we are now able to offer our researchers complete, efficient workflows to perform advanced, high speed and high quality 4D STEM diffraction studies.
Narayan Vishwanathan – Vice President & Business Unit Manager, Gatan
Hybrid-pixel electron detectors by DECTRIS bring countless opportunities for materials science TEM and STEM applications, such as 4D STEM, from increased instrument throughput to reduced total cumulative electron dose. The synergy between Gatan and DECTRIS will bring our technology to the thriving electron microscopy market.
Dr. Christian Broennimann – Chief Executive Officer, DECTRIS
4D STEM Diffraction Cube
4D STEM diffraction data cube from Au nanoparticles collected using the Stela camera and STEMx system. The colour map shows grain orientations classified based on the angular position of the maximum diffraction peak per probe position, using a DigitalMicrograph script.
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