Potentiostat Troubleshooting Guide

Find solutions to the most common technical issues with a potentiostat troubleshooting guide from Princeton Applied Research (Ametek).

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Potentiostat Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting guide was created by the global support team at Princeton Applied Research, who have decades of experience providing practical solutions to typical problems encountered in electrochemical measurements. The potentiostat troubleshooting guide is an interactive flowchart compiled from the combined experience and knowledge of the service team, so you can solve common problems in your lab straight away.

The pdf guide has links to relevant, useful documents describing hardware checkout procedures, software-selectable experimental parameters, cell cable continuity, and best practices for cell designs and geometries.

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This guide applies to all VersaStudio compatible potentiostats from Princeton Applied Research, including the PARSTAT 4000, PARSTAT 3000, PARSTAT MC Family and VersaSTAT series of potentiostats.

Potentiostat Troubleshooting Guide

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The guides below have been created by PAR to help with common procedures and issues. Blue Scientific is the exclusive distributor for Ametek in the UK and Ireland, providing the full range of potentiostats and galvanostats from PAR and Solartron Analytical, and we also provide service for our users. If you have any questions, please get in touch on 01223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com


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