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Renishaw RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser

Renishaw Raman

Renishaw Pharmaceutical Analyser

Raman spectroscopy for the pharmaceutical industry

The Renishaw RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser is a Raman imaging system designed specifically for analysing formulations in drug development and quality control.

  • Component distribution in formulations
  • Quantify content uniformity / homogeneity
  • Compare variation between batches
  • Identify CPPs, CQAs and CMAs
  • Spot issues rapidly
  • Locate and identify anomalous materials
  • Relate formulation properties to real-world outcomes

With Raman imaging you can identify particles as small as 1 µm, including API/salts/hydrates/polymorphs/amorphous forms, excipients, contaminants and degradation products.

Study the characteristics of each component, including morphology, uniformity, agglomeration and size distribution.

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Renishaw RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser


  • Drug development
  • Formulation analysis
  • Pharmaceutical quality control


  • Maintain focus on rough /curved samples
  • Fast tablet mapping
  • Easy to use, with minimal training
  • Non-contact and non-destructive

What is Raman Imaging?

The Raman spectrum of each molecule is unique, like a fingerprint. You can use them to differentiate species that are chemically very similar, including
polymorphs, amorphous forms, salt forms and hydrates.

The Renishaw RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser uses Raman imaging to generate detailed images of pharmaceutical materials such as tablets. Spectra are collected from across the surface, to build an image of the whole sample. This shows the distribution of individual components. Images can be generated in as little as 5 minutes.

Colours can be added to highlight chemical components and particle statistics. This gives you highly visual results, to help understand variations in formulations and the link between performance and chemical properties.

More about Raman imaging

Raman images of pharmaceutical tablets

Raman images showing the chemical composition of tablets from different batches. (Yellow = API)

Benefits of Renishaw Raman

  • Focus – Pharmaceutical samples are often rough or curved, which traditionally causes focus issues. The RA802 has LiveTrack technology, which moves the sample precisely along the x, y and z axis to maintain focus.
  • Speed – Renishaw’s StreamLine technology uses a laser line instead of a spot to collect spectra. This speeds up the process, up to 1500 spectra per second for faster acquisition. It also reduces the risk of sample damage. More about StreamLine…
  • Easy to use – The pharmaceutical analyser is completely software-controlled, and designed for use by multiple users and technicians. The process has been simplified, so you can use Raman in your lab with only minimal training required.
  • Resolution – In certain cases, very high resolution is necessary to differentiate traces and inhomogeneities. Traditionally this was a lot slower, but with Renishaw’s LiveTrack and Streamline technology, you can map whole tablets in just 5 minutes at low resolution, or 2 hours at the highest resolution. The resolution can be as high as 1 µm per pixel – enough to reveal trace inhomogeneity and details.
  • Batch mapping – While traditional chemical imaging systems can handle only one sample at a time, the Pharmaceutical Analyser offers batch mapping. Programme multiple samples to run sequentially, freeing up your time. Bespoke tablet moulds are available, to hold samples in place while the system moves between them.

Combine Results with Other Techniques

You can now easily combine Raman images with results from other microscopy systems, including SEM, AFM, infrared, fluorescence and optical microscopy. Renishaw’s Correlate software module makes it easy to acquire data from the same region and overlay results for powerful insights. More info…

Application Notes

These applications notes and brochures are available from Renishaw on their website (registration or details required for access):

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