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Renishaw Virsa Raman Analyser

Renishaw Raman

Renishaw Virsa 

Flexible, portable Raman analyser with remote sampling

The Renishaw Virsa Raman Analyser enables you to analyse samples away from the microscope and your laboratory.

  • Research–grade Raman in a transportable unit.
  • Flexible, remote sampling with fibre-optic probes (5m cabling provided; other lengths available on request)
  • Avoid fluorescence with dual laser wavelength options:
    • 532 nm and 785 nm
    • Use separately with individual probes or through the same objective lens with stacked probes
    • Switch at the click of a button – no need to reposition your sample
  • High spatial resolution probes for fast microscopy.
  • Locate and focus on your area of interest with an optional motorised, encoded three-axis probe mount and video-equipped probes.
  • Renishaw’s powerful WiRE (Windows-based Raman Environment) software for data acquisition, processing and analysis.
  • Identify elements in mixtures with Spectrum Search.
  • Combine results with images from other microscopy techniques with Renishaw’s Correlate software module – more info…

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Renishaw Virsa Raman Analyser


  • Quality control 
  • Field-based analysis
  • Large, delicate or immovable samples


  • Analyse samples that cannot be extracted or transported to the lab
  • Remote probes with 5m cabling (or longer if needed)
  • Better than 1 µm spatial resolution
  • Range of probes 
  • Custom options available

Renishaw Virsa

Range of Probes

The Virsa Raman Analyser is extremely flexible. A range of probes are available to suit various applications:

  • Bulk analysis probes for homogeneous samples
  • High spatial resolution probes for fine structures in heterogeneous samples
  • Video viewer (optional) to locate your region of interest easily
  • Stack two probes and share a common objective lens
  • Multiple lens turret
  • Specialist and third party probes including immersion probes for liquids, high pressure and/or temperature

Probe Positioner

Use a computer-controlled, motorised, three-axis probe positioner for precise sampling:

  • Accurate positioning and mapping with micrometre precision
  • Mount probes vertically or horizontally
  • Compatible with the video viewer and confocal probe for high spatial resolution

Custom options are also available – just get in touch and let us know what you need!

Virsa Raman Analyser with Remote Probes


Application notes available from Renishaw:

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