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SI-9300R Battery Analyser


NEW SI-9300R Battery Analyser

Characterise high power cells and batteries

The SI9300R Battery Analyser is a complete system for battery testing and measurement:

  • Materials research
  • Analyse battery state of health (SoH) and capacity
  • Understand performance issues

Each module of the system incorporates five independent measurement channels. Each channel is rated to 3 kW and can deliver current pulses of up to 300 Amp (200 Amp continuous).

While each channel performs the same basic functions as a battery cycler, it also features extra functionality for electric vehicle applications, including hybrid HEV, PHEV and eV Second Life.

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Ametek SI9300R Battery Cycler


  • High energy batteries and power cells
  • Battery materials research
  • State of health (SoH) and capacity
  • Understand performance issues
  • Used battery grading


  • More than a standard battery cycler
  • Fast SoH analysis in minutes
  • EIS (impedance) included as standard
  • Multiple current ranges
  • Reduced operating costs with regenerative technology
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Key Features

  • Low running costs due to regenerative technology
  • High accuracy and temperature stability with Flux Gate Current Sensor Technology
  • Current accuracy of 0.03% FSR – 300 A, 20 A and 2 A current ranges
  • EIS on all channels as standard – 10 kHz Solartron Analytical EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy) on every channel
  • Real-time EIS fitting for instant cell diagnostics
  • Up to 10 V polarisation for single cells and small eV modules
  • DC and EIS anode/cathode characterisation with two auxiliary voltage measurement channels per channel
  • Direct to Disk technology (patent pending) for enhanced reliability and reduced risk of PC high channel count data overload
  • Use parallel channels for higher current measurements
  • Fast cell grading with EIS SoH (State of Health) algorithm developed for Nissan Leaf and other pouch cell formulations (patent pending) – more info…

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Low Running Costs

The AMETEK SI-9300R uses energy-efficient Return to Grid technology. Excess power from discharging cells is returned back to the electricity grid or recycled within the system.

This reduces running costs by as much as 90% compared to standard systems.

As energy is recycled, less space is required for cooling electronic components. This means the system only takes up a single 19″ cabinet – as little as ¼ the volume of non-regenerative systems, making it easier to fit into your lab.

Multiple Current Ranges

A common problem with single current range instruments is a loss of precision in low energy tests. The SI-9300R has a new multi-range current sensor, which enables you to work at high and low C-Rate with no compromise to accuracy or precision.

This means you can test electric vehicle pouch and prismatic cells, as well as power cycling 18650 and 21700 form-factor cylindrical cells, for end of line analysis, drive cycle tests and hybrid pulse power characterisation.

You benefit from the flexibility of multiple current ranges, all from a single, small footprint system.

Impedance Measurement as Standard

Each channel has a dedicated Solartron Frequency Response Analyser for fast, high-accuracy EIS analysis of all cells being tested.

AC (anode / cathode) capabilities are also included with EIS enabled auxiliary channels, for cells with a third electrode.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Monitor cell trends continuously during tests, with EIS modelling that updates in real time.

Using AMETEK’s proprietary algorithms, you can assess SoC (State of Charge) and SoH (State of Health) extremely rapidly, in minutes rather than hours. This is extremely useful for cell grading and time-sensitive applications.

Read how Nissan are using this technology for automotive battery second life applications

Enhanced Reliability

Standard battery cyclers use a PC to transfer data from the cycler channels to disk. The AMETEK SI-9300R writes data directly to disk, without PC intervention.

This dramatically reduces PC workload, and thereby increases the system’s reliability. Particularly for high channel counts, it reduces the risk of data overload. The PCs remains free to handle on test control, channel monitoring and data analysis.

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