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Phenom ParticleX Steel

Phenom ParticleX Steel

Desktop SEM for failure analysis and process improvement in steel manufacturing

The Thermo Scientific Phenom ParticleX Steel is a multi-purpose desktop SEM for failure analysis and automated characterisation of non-metallic inclusions in steel.

With high quality imaging and elemental analysis, it delivers the data required for efficient production of high-value steel, and to respond quickly to any faults or failures.

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Thermo Phenom ParticleX Steel


  • Metals
  • Failure analysis
  • Process control


  • Industry-specific, dedicated software.
  • Easy to use, requiring only minimal training.
  • Customisable classification recipes for future updates.
  • Desktop system requiring only a standard power outlet.

Easy to Use

Based on the established Thermo Scientific Phenom desktop SEM platform, the interface is easy to learn with minimal training. There are automated features and recipes for consistent, reliable results.

Industry-Specific Software

As a dedicated system for steel inclusion analysis, default classification rules and analysis recipes have been developed based on years of experience, so you can quickly capture valuable data.

Customisable Recipes

The classification rules and analysis recipes are fully customisable, so they can be tailored to your needs and updated in future if requirements change.

Small Footprint

Unlike traditional SEMs, the Phenom ParticleX Steel is a small footprint, desktop system requiring only standard wall power. It can be installed easily without any infrastructure changes.

Size and Weight

  • Imaging module
    Size: 316mm (w) x 587mm (d) x 625mm (h)
    Weight: 75 kg
  • Diaphragm vacuum pump
    Size: 145mm (w) x 220mm (d) x 213mm (h)
    Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Power supply
    Size: 156mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 74mm (h)
    Weight: 3 kg
  • Monitor
    Size: 531.5mm (w) x 515.4mm (h) x 250mm (d)
    Weight: 6.7 kg
  • Workstation
    Size: 169mm (w) x 456mm (d) x 432mm (h)
    Weight: 15 kg


Non-metallic inclusion in steel

Non-metallic inclusion in steel

Zinc-Phosphate on sheet metal.

Zinc-Phosphate on sheet metal

Steel element mapping

Elemental mapping to analyse complex multi-phase inclusions.

Steel inclusion size distribution

Plot inclusion size distributions for insights into relationships between
chemistry and size.


Phenom ParticleX Steel Desktop SEM

A recorded webinar from Thermo Scientific about how the Phenom ParticleX Steel enables precise control of the manufacturing process to produce higher quality steel.

Watch on Thermo Scientific’s website…


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