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Phenom Pure

Economical, entry-level desktop SEM with easy-to-use features

The Thermo Scientific Phenom Pure is an entry-level desktop SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). It’s ideal for the transition from light optical to electron microscopy. Offering excellent value, it delivers best-in-class imaging results from a user-friendly system.

  • Long-lasting, high-brightness CeB6 source for high quality images.
  • Fastest loading and imaging times.
  • Reliable automated focus and source alignments.

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Thermo Phenom Pure Desktop SEM


  • Process control
  • Quality control
  • Materials science


  • Fastest loading and imaging time on the market.
  • Affordable, entry-level desktop SEM.
  • Acquire high quality images using basic features.
  • User-friendly operation, with auto-focus and automated alignment.
  • >30 times the magnification of a conventional light microscope.
  • Large depth of focus.

Easy to Use

After only 10 minutes of basic training, you’re ready to start acquiring images. Automated features and a large depth of focus make for user-friendly, stress-free imaging.

Sample loading is fast and safe, with Thermo Scientific’s patented sample vacuum-loading technology. A large variety of holders are available for various types of samples.

Never Lost Navigation

With “Never Lost Navigation”, you always know your position on the sample. Overviews of both the optical and electron-optical images provide clear reference point at all times, so you can easily visualise the link between them.

By simply clicking on the optical image you can move to the region of interest with the automated, motorised stage. With just one button, you can switch to electron imaging mode. Within 30 seconds of loading a sample, a high-resolution image is available.


Two optional detector systems are available for the Phenom Pure G6 desktop SEM:

  • Fully integrated EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) system for analysing chemical composition. Acquire detailed chemical composition data from a micro volume or spot analysis.
  • Secondary Electron Detector (SED) for surface and topography sensitive imaging.


Gear wheel (SEM image)



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