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Phenom XL G2

Desktop SEM for large samples, with automation

The Thermo Scientific Phenom XL G2 has the largest chamber in a desktop SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), for samples up to 100mm x 100mm.

  • Automated features – useful for quality and process control.
  • Process large quantities of samples without human error.
  • Full-screen images.
  • Average time-to image: 60 seconds.
  • Long-life, low maintenance CeB6 electron source.
  • Small footprint to fit into the lab easily.

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Thermo Phenom XL


  • Process control
  • Quality control
  • Materials science
  • Cleanliness
  • Battery development – details


  • Automated features to save time.
  • Large samples up to 100mm x 100mm.
  • Fast and easy to acquire detailed images.
  • Optional EDS element analysis.


Use the Phenom Programming Interface (PPI) to control the Phenom XL G2, using Python scripting to handle common tasks. You can automatically analyse:

  • Particles
  • Pores
  • Fibres
  • Large SEM images

For a typical factory acceptance test, critical dimension and sidewall thickness must be measured approximately 85 times, which would take a user a full working day. Tasked with biweekly factory acceptance tests, we needed to improve the output and efficiency of our laboratory. Phenom XL desktop SEM gave us better data that were far more stable and more reliable than our own.
Kulicke & Soffa (Semiconductor packaging & electronic assembly solutions)

Long-Life Electron Source

The cerium hexaboride (CeB₆) electron source has several advantages compared to tungsten:

  • High brightness making it easier to obtain high quality, detailed images.
  • Long lifetime with less scheduled maintenance.

Eucentric Sample Holder

Tilting and rotating the sample can give you new insights. An optional eucentric sample holder is available to tilt and rotate the sample while maintaining position and focus. 

Element Identification

An optional energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) detector is available for the Phenom XL G2 desktop SEM, for additional material insights and element identification using X-ray analysis, without switching to a different system. This adds useful compositional information to electron microscope images, covering almost all elements on the periodic table from Boron to Americium.

This uses a dedicated software package with a user-friendly step-by-step process to guide you through acquisition. Smart algorithms and automated peak analysis identify element automatically, with manual adjustments possible at any time.

Identifying a particle inside a metal mesh with EDS.

Size and Weight

  • Imaging module
    Size: 316mm (w) x 587mm (d) x 625mm (h)
    Weight: 75 kg
  • Diaphragm vacuum pump
    Size: 145mm (w) x 220mm (d) x 213mm (h) 
    Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Power supply
    Size: 156mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 74mm (h) 
    Weight: 3 kg
  • 24″ Monitor
    Size: 531.5mm (w) x 250mm (d) x 515.4mm (h)
    Weight: 6.7 kg
  • Workstation 
    Size: 92.5mm (w) x 305.6mm (d) x 343.5mm (h) 
    Weight: 8 kg

Example Images

Salt particle
Double perovskite
Metal particle



Watch Thermo Scientific’s webinar about automating quality control with the Phenom XL G2. The webinar covers how to obtain information to detect failures early and how to process large volumes of samples without human error.

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