VersaStudio 2.44 – Princeton Applied Research

A new version of VersaStudio has been released by Princeton Applied Research (Ametek). The new version is VersaStudio 2.44.

Electrochemical SoftwareVersaStudio Software

VersaStudio is a dedicated software package for potentiostats from Princeton Applied Research (Ametek). The software modules cover basic and advanced DC voltammetry techniques, as well as energy and corrosion techniques. The software runs a huge range of experiment types for electrochemistry and corrosion, which can be combined into powerful experiment sequences. More about electrochemistry software…

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Compatible with the Latest Potentiostats

The new version, VersaStudio 2.44, is now compatible with the newest potentiostat models, including the PARSTAT MC Family, PARSTAT 4000 and VersaSTAT potentiostats.

New Features of VersaStudio 2.44

  • Improved PMC-2000 voltage resolution during open circuit measurements.
  • New filter strategy, to minimise the impact on data when filters are enabled. The EIS filters have been redefined, increasing the choice of levels and minimising data shifts.
  • Improved EIS duration on the PARSTAT 4000 potentiostat. The PARSTAT 4000 now performs 3-6 times faster, depending on the experiment. The new algorithm also slightly improves data quality.
  • New feedback mechanism to improve the accuracy of the applied amplitude of the EIS signal at high frequency.
  • Automatic prompts when a new version of VersaStudio is available. There is no longer any need to manually check for updates, so you know you always have the latest version, and access to all the newest features of the software for your electrochemical experiments.

Update to VersaStudio 2.44 

As with all Ametek software, the VersaStudio 2.44 update is free to download and includes a firmware update. Download here from the Princeton Applied Research website.

If you have any questions about updating your software, or if you are interested in potentiostats from Ametek (Princeton Applied Research or Solartron Analytical) please contact us. Blue Scientific is the exclusive distributor for Ametek in the UK – we offer their full range of potentiostats, galvanostats and electrochemical test systems and we are available to advise on the most suitable system for your research.

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